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The State Of: Financial Aid and Student Loans in Illinois

Illinois is a great state to live and an even better place to go to school. With some of the top schools in the country and some of the best assistance programs out there going to school in Illinois is a great choice. When thinking about how you will pay for college, we at Funding…


Student Loan,

Student Loan Debt

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Fear of Losing Scholarship

Patrick Paul Mrs. Dickson English III period 7 04 October 2018 Overcoming struggles Khalil Gibran once said, “Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity”. This book shows us how friendship can be torn apart by the choices we make. Marcus is black and Eddie white, they both live in a small city called…




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The History of a Successful Life

I am a student, girl, and women. My height is 5.4 feet, skin color bright shyamala, long hair and fascinator eye. In a short time, I can attractive others people very easily. I have a good side that I can make friendship with others people especially kids because from my childhood, I love child very…





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Pay College Athletes

“ The NCAA is really F’d up ” said Ben simmons per espn’s Myron Medcalf. For a couple years now people have been debating whether or not the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) should be paying there college athletes. “While seemingly operating in a purely professional atmosphere, the NCAA continues to endorse an amateurism concept…




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The Palate of My Mind

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Anthony J. D’Angelo’s words are true for a learner. If we grow erudition and aspiration for education early on, nothing can hold it back. By creating a passion for learning, we can create a lifetime of opportunity. However, achieving of higher…




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Marriage at a Young Age

Marriage at a young age has increased in the last years, especially in minority communities. This may be due to many reasons, among which are poverty, dysfunctional families, and even lack of love. Unfortunately, many young people get married at an early age, mostly girls. The most surprising part is that parents are consenting to…


My Family,


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The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Growing up as a young man in Kuwait, I have always admired the great level of technological advancement evident in the region that pride as a source of tourist attraction. From the magnificent sky-scrapers, top of the notch transport and communication systems, and huge modern oil wells, Kuwait, certainly has benefited from scientific developments. Since…




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The Impact of Financial Assistance

Abstract This paper will discuss the issues with financing education that many college students face, along with the distribution of financial assistance based on family income along with race and gender. This paper will also show how communities come together to give to those in need of assistance when it comes to financing their education….



Social Inequality

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Scholarship for Local High School Students as a CSR Project for the Company

Student debt and rising tuition prices have been a hot button issue for years and will only continue to be. According to NerdWallet, in 2016 the average American student graduating with a four-year degree did so with $28,446 in debt. A small hardware store cannot stop this landslide alone, but by providing a scholarship or…



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Fight to Get a Full Ride Scholarship

Joshua Jarboe was a great athlete and student he graduated in 2008 from Cedar cove. Entering college, Jarboe had been given a scholarship from Oklahoma to play football. The University released him from his contract, he was no longer able to play for them. With his rap and his background all over the internet there…



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Getting a scholarship can give you a nice boost in life, get you some extra money, and get you a credential that would help in your future career. If you want to write a scholarship essay for the admission committee, you have to know exactly how to convey your goals and aspirations to them. Consult with your teacher, get an insight on how the committee works, read essays on scholarship, research the matter through and through to see how you can fill your essay with good content. Some of the scholarship essay samples might give you a good idea of what to write about and how to describe your intentions to the committee to improve your chances of getting it just right. You want to be on the mark with every word you write, so it is really important for you to gain some experience. You might not be a professional writer but you can surely put some thought and some of your heart into your writing to make it more compelling.


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