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Self Sacrifice in Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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Fyodor Dostoyevsky, author of Crime and Punishment. Dostoyevsky created two characters, Sonia Marmeladova and Rodion Romanovich Raskolinkov, and compared both characters by their viewpoints of life and importance. Dostoyevsky made these characters have similarities within their viewpoints of self-sacrifice that were shown throughout Crime and Punishment. Self Sacrifice is “giving up of one’s own interests…

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Sacrifices of a Navy SEAL

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How does the word sacrifice impact you? To each and every American Navy SEAL, sacrifice is a part of their everyday mentality. They don’t bat an eye at the thought of dangerous battles in unbearable conditions to better their country and keep Americans safe. Without hesitation, Navy SEAL’s travel to hostile countries across the world…

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Sacrifice Means more than its Definition

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A mother’s sacrifice is the most eternal love that God has given to each one of us. Sacrifice is an act of living for others, not for the sake of oneself. In the book Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by a comedian from South Africa, Trevor Noah, his mother has sacrificed…

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Is this Worth the Sacrifice?

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“Give your 110%”, “Keeping Dreaming” and etc, these terms were coined in order to achieve any goal. As a matter of fact, it all starts with determination and the will to exert any amount of energy. Once a goal is reached, it is easy to become smug and lose the desire to strive for more….

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Personal Sacrifice of Military and Safety Services

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Personal sacrifice is necessary to preserve life, liberty, and our way of life for posterity. There are numerous examples of patriots giving there very own lives so that we can live in a country of freedom. A lot of people, however, seem to overlook the sacrifice that multiple people have given for the sake of…

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