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Education and The Responsibility of Parent

In the past, the education was not attached special importance to children. Parents had their way to raise their children without education. They taught children by their knowledge and experience. Apparently, children growing up would spend the most of their time with people whom they encounter every day and look up. Moreover, most of their…

Child Development,



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 Effects of Having a Substance Abuse Parent

It’s no secret that experiencing life influenced by a parent who is an addict can result in a magnitude of lifelong effects. Whether in the media or conversing with a friend, it’s rather common to hear about having abusive, uninvolved, or alcohol/addict parent. How does witnessing your parental figure’s behaviors or values effect yours throughout…


Substance Abuse

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How A Narcissistic Parent Impacts Their Family

Understanding that our childhoods are the building blocks for our adult lives, we must be able to recognize that to build successfully we must have a solid foundation. Not everyone has been born to stable parents and so we research how a Narcissist comes to fruition, and the destructive impact that is implemented into a…




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Parent Involvement in Education Process

Parent involvement refers to the responsibility that is being performed by the parents (Christenson & Sheridan, 2001) to have their children achieved their utmost potential through assisting them in school related works. It could be as simple as asking the child of events in school that day to asking the child of activities they want…




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Single Parent Families

It has been a massive change in the ways American citizens view and live their lives. These changes resulting in both good and bad repercussions. One of the changes includes the changing face of the “American family”. Single parenting families is one of those many faces. By definition, single-parent families are families with a child…



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The Life of a Single Parent

Raising a family may be a tall duty and each child merits a father and a mother. The bishops conference suggested that kids should have the support of both. Within the same way, they are concern about young adults or anybody that wants to raise a family. They recommended that people should learn the significance…



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Parent Child Interaction Therapy as an Treatment for Child Maltreatment

Every year nearly one million children experience maltreatment that results in harm (USDHHS, 2016). Most often it is younger children who are the victims of maltreatment. As for the prevalence rates, maltreatment is common among both boys and girls, however, girls are more prone to experience sexual abuse than boys. When comparing the four types…

Child Abuse,



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Single Parents Can Raise Kids As Well As Two Parents

Introduction It is often believed that children raised by two parents are better than those raised by single parents. Single parenting is labeled, people assuming that no one can raise a child by one self successfully. For instance, a boy will need his father when he grows up to understand what a man should be….




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Women as a Single Parents Cause And Effect Essay

In the past “Christian society,” the greatest cause of single parenting was the death of the father or mother. Back in the days of “shotgun weddings,” when it was scandalous to be an unmarried woman with a “bastard” child, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy was likely to be hidden. The child might be placed in an orphanage…



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Effects of Parent-Infant Interaction on Speech Development 

The topic to be investigated is whether or not parent-infant interaction affects speech development. Research on this topic is critical to the prevention of speech disorders in children. It brings awareness of how effective parent interactions help the speech learning process as well as supporting or opposing the separation or complete lack of parents. There…

Child Development,


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