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Meaning of Poverty

Introduction Poverty is defined as a state of not having enough income or consumption to put them above some adequate minimum edge (World Bank Institute, 2005). Poverty has a close relationship with deprivation in well-being. At the same time well-being is primarily linked to command over commodities. This view sees poverty largely in monetary terms….


Dynamics Of Poverty In Botswana

Introduction This explorative qualitative study focuses on the dynamics of poverty among youth and their implications for Botswana realizing and benefiting from the Demographic Dividend. The village of Serinane situated in the poverty-stricken Kweneng West District will be used as a case study. The proposal consists of three Sections. Chapter 1 provides background and justification…


Problem of Poverty In Malaysia

Introduction Malaysia is a diverse and developing country, with a vast potential to be one of the preferred countries for foreign investors to invest in. As wonderful as it sounds, all countries are facing all sorts of issues, be it in terms of economy, social, politics or culture. One of the common issues is in…


Poverty As A Social Problem

Poverty can be defined as a social problem that means the individual’s need for money to secure his life and meet his requirements, such as eating, medicines and others to survive. Many countries suffer from this phenomenon. For example, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the African continent. To find a solution for…


Social Problems

Poverty and Poverty Debates in South Africa

Widespread and enduring poverty is a central feature of South African life. There is a lively political and academic debate around the causes of poverty, its nature and extent, and ways of alleviating it (Du Toit 2005). While various positions are advanced, there is broad agreement that poverty exists on a vast scale that it…


South Africa

Definition Of Poverty

Poverty reduction has become a collective goal of the global community and is an important measure of development for a country; this has made it essential to understand exactly what it is. It is important to define poverty accurately as the definition used will influence the way policies addressing poverty are shaped and set the…


Poverty and Education 

Introduction In today’s world people got to vie globally for jobs and one in all the foremost vital factors in obtaining an honest paying job is education. However, even the most effective colleges cannot overcome a number of the obstacles placed before of the scholars that rehearse their doors. Poverty, chaotic home environments, discrepancies in exposure to technology, and lack of funding for colleges all negatively impact the trouble to teach youngsters. In today’s economic surroundings even the wealthiest states and districts square…



Problem Of Poverty

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity it is an act of justice” Most of developed countries have these enormous crises , which affect people in a negative ways . Poverty create enormous number of negative outcomes as unhealthy life , unstable life, homeless and even sometimes they live without a source of food…


Definition of Poverty and Types of Poverty

Poverty is the worst form of violence”-Mahatma Gandhi.What is poverty?Poverty is the necessity of clothing, food, money, and other basic items needed on a daily basis. The word “poverty” comes from “poverté” which is French for poor. There are different types of poverty. They are absolute poverty, relative poverty, situational poverty, generational poverty, and urban…

Economic Inequality,


Poverty in Philippines

A family of five needed no less than PhP 7,337 in the first half of 2018, on average, to meet the basic food needs of the family for a month. This is the threshold of food. On the other hand, a family of five in a month needed no less than PhP 10,481, on average,…



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