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Is Torture an Ethical and Favorable Tactic to Gain Information? 

Often publicized in entertainment throughout history from books, movies, to modern day television, torture has come to light as a popular controversial topic, splitting the public down the middle between whether or not it actually works. Many know that there are various forms of torture, ranging from physical to even psychological methods, but the real…



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Is Torture Effective against Terrorism?

Does torture work to stop suspected terrorists? Should we, as a nation, continue these practices? This will convince you that torture should not be used. Here is why… Torture is ineffective and unethical. It caused misinformation to be spread about terrorist groups or upcoming attacks. It closes doors with neighboring countries and allies, and to…



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Torture in the World

In the US there are: “1.3 million refugee torture survivors living in the US” (News & Success Stories). Torture is the act of severe pain onto someone as a form of punishment to get them to say something the torturer want to hear. There is a divided opinion whether torture can be effective on getting…


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Ancient Chinese Torture Lingchi

As the blood of the Chinese shed by men of other lands, the Chinese shed their own blood and threw lives away with the belief of a better future. This technique first was exercised in the Qin Dynasty and was passed down, dynasty to dynasty, until the Qing Dynasty. Lingchi, commonly known as Death by…



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Torture in Society Today

Torture can take many different forms in the sense of what it can do to and on people, it can be phycological, or physical and in today’s mindset of people it is a very controversial topic. This was brought to light and recently became a topic of debate when President Trump appointed his new director…


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Torture is Wrong

Most people nowadays do not fully understand the meaning of the word, torture. Some individuals view torture as a means for getting answers and evidence, while others say torture is used to imprison wrongdoers. Whatever definition people use to define this word, most people agree that torture: is the act of causing severe pain physically…


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Hard Measures Book about Torture in CIA

Having recently finished reading Mr. Rodriguez’s book and giving myself time to think about what I can write without coming off completely crazy, I am confident that after the editors and professors read the book and criticized it the readers will be critics, too. Hard Measures is a shameless defense of torture, and it is…

Book Review,


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Torture is Cruel

Torture is the act of causing severe pain physically or psychologically to others with the intention of obtaining information. This method of punishment has been carried out by individuals throughout history from ancient times to modern day. From being thrown into a tub full of boiling water to wearing a necklace full of sharp needles…


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Torture and Horrific Experiment during Holocaust

The Holocaust was horrific in many ways, one of these ways was the experiments that were conducted on the victims of the Holocaust in the name of science. All of the experiments conducted on victims during the Holocaust involved torturing these victims. The debate is if it is ethical to use this research in science…



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The History of a Successful Life

I am a student, girl, and women. My height is 5.4 feet, skin color bright shyamala, long hair and fascinator eye. In a short time, I can attractive others people very easily. I have a good side that I can make friendship with others people especially kids because from my childhood, I love child very…





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