Role of Government in Declaration of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 was not only to be a defining event in his life but also to the lives of the then British colonies. This life turning event was aimed at liberating the thirteen colonies under British rule by introducing a new theory of governance. The rights of the different colonists were highly violated and as the document moved to educate both master and colonies that all men are created equal, and thus governments as the case of the British master must not violate these human rights. Governments must protect key rights such as the right to life, liberty, and all individuals must be allowed pursue happiness, and as argued should the government fail to offer the necessary protection for these rights, then the people must revolt and demand the necessary protection .

The declaration of independence was looking to introduce an ideological expansion of revolt, a move that would draw in the French to support the colonized Americans. Americans kick-started the revolt by fighting the different taxes imposed on the people such as the Stamp Act, a tax that would solely benefit the British and specifically the army. Oppositions were followed by boycotts, where most colonists embargoed British imports, while others went to the extremes of attacking the tax collectors. Thus, the declarations were as a result of a long history of abuse from the colonial master, which made it necessary for the colonist to overthrow the oppressor government.

In writing the declaration of independence, the individuals involved must have derived their inspiration from different political activities that were against the British rule, as they saw it as being oppressive. One such activist is Thomas Paine, who was an English political activist, traveled to the American colonies to support the movement against the colonel master. The ideas of the natural rights, personal liberty, and the role of government towards its people must have been borrowed from Paine’s books, The American Crisis and Common Sense, while personal liberties must have been derived from The Rights of Man.

According to the Declaration of Independent, the government plays a crucial role in safeguarding the rights of its people and promoting common good among all. Thus, as stated protected the God-given rights that are entitled to all humans of life, liberty, and even owning property in their pursuit for happiness. It is well recognized today that societies with a high cognitive ability on the integral human rights than government policies are characteristically free cultures.

On the other hand, cultures, where government policies overshadow the different inherent human rights, are likely to end up being dictatorial, for instance, a government that eradicates the right to vote, transforms the society ceasing to be free. In addition, governments that have eliminated elements such as the freedom of speech. This usually means a government is on the path to eliminating other fundamental rights enjoyed by its people. Therefore, all governments are to uphold the primary purpose of protecting the basic human rights enjoyed by its people, an element of the declaration of dependence that makes the document revolutionary, with authors risking their lives as they would have easily gone down on charges of treason.


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