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Holocaust as a Catalyst of the State’s Founding

Before the Holocaust, Zionism was already in existence. Tel Aviv being founded in 1909 was the first Hebrew speaking city, yet Zionist settlements were popping up around Palestine since the 1800s and becoming increasingly popular. After the Holocaust, these Zionist Jewish settlements, all comprised of mainly European Jews, some of which were kibbutzim, were seen…




United Nations

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Human Rights Day

When it comes to happiness and joys of life, the most cherished emotion is of freedom and independence. Freedom is an expression what is rightful entitlements of every individual. These entitlements are postulated in the various basic human rights that every man or woman is guaranteed. Human Rights Day is celebrated to reinforce global efforts…

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United Nations

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Government Power of the United States

The government is made from three branches: executive, judicial, and legislative. power is vested in Congress, in the President, and the government courts by the United States Constitution. The power and obligations of these branches are additionally characterized by demonstrations of Congress, including the formation of official divisions and courts sub-par compared to the Supreme…

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United Nations

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