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Law on Ensuring Access of Elderly People to Local Pharmacies

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Health Care


Our senior patients are already at a disadvantage when it comes to income and diseases; so why do we want to burden them with high cost of medications. They should be given the opportunity to access discounted copays for prescriptions at their pharmacy of choice. The seniors of our community have contributed their quota to…

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Policy Advocacy

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The Washington State Legislature is comprised of two combined houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. This legislative process begins by a bill being introduced to either the Senate or House of Representatives by a member, which both houses meet yearly to create a new law/s, change current/existing laws, and establish budgets for the…

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From Family Member to Caregiver: Examining Role Transition and Advocacy

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Health Care

Everyday, countless individuals’ lives are changing with the diagnoses of chronic health conditions. These conditions can vary from heart disease to diabetes to cancer and everything in between. Consequently, family members are often thrust into the role of primary caregiver to help their loved one. This role transition can severely shift family dynamics and add…

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Refocusing the Role of Child Advocacy Lawyers

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“Years of efforts to clarify the role of child advocates reveal an inherently problematic focus: they center on lawyers, not children” (Kothekar). Children’s voices in the courtroom are just as essential as everyone else’s, and we need to work to not dilute them. Child advocacy lawyers primary jobs are to express the wishes for children…

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Advocacy and Criticism of the Peer Review Process

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“Science says the earth is billions of years old.” “Science says gravity is a theory.” “Science says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” These statements are so true and the evidence suggesting them is so compelling it’s almost ridiculous to think otherwise. So much that the ONLY opponents to any of…

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