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The Relationship of a CPA Auditor’s Independence and Objectivity

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To the majority of the public the words independence and objectivity may have little distinction between each other. Though when examined in regards to auditing, these two words are not synonymous and have a notable relationship with one another. The AICPA has laid the groundwork for the terms by providing extensive guides to help understand…

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Ghana’s Independence Movement

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I was born on April 19, 1930, in Gold Coast, alongside my twin brother. Are crying was, in my mother’s words relentless, or that was what our father had told us. I am Xorlali and my brother is named Akwete we are the children of a wealthy, educated Ghanaian. My father is a part of…

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Issues with Mexico’s Independence

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For over 300 years, Mexicans lived under Spanish colonialism, and endured all the hardships and inequalities that came with it. However, on September 16, 1810, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest, delivered his Grito de Dolores, which initiated the Mexican War of Independence. This revolutionary movement demanded the redistribution of land, racial equality as…

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The Benefits of Financial Independence

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Personal Finance

Mason Currey, who wrote Daily Rituals while working as a magazine editor, explains that “having too much to do is an unbeatable motivator,” especially for those who balance various responsibilities at once (Currey, 2013). While some might believe that working for a living is most important to achieving intellectual freedom, writer Virginia Woolf defends the…

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America’s Independence

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Declaration Of Independence


From the beginning, the reason of the US foreign coverage has been to shield the American constitutional and the commonplace of the American humans. The U.S. Has been committed to taking pride for its common protection, protecting the liberty of its commerce, and seeking peaceful family members with different nations. The most important goal of…

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Tips for Financial Independence

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Personal Finance

For many, the idea of working full-time into our 60’s or even 70’s seems dreadful. The thought of toiling away at a stressful job for 10 plus hours a day, balancing a demanding family life, and never feeling like you have enough time over the course of a 40-year career is hard to fathom. The…

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Bosnia Conflict for Independence

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Thousands were sent to concentration camps . These prisoners were beaten, shot, and without food. Also women were made to work hard and then got raped and killed.Is this World War 2? What I am Talking About is the Bosnian conflict from 1992 to 1995. Am gonna be talking about When the Bosnian war started…

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Independence Is a Road Well Traveled   

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There are very good reasons that so many Advisors consider making the move to some form of independent operations. Whether that’s complete independence or some kind of hybrid model, the proliferation of third-party service and technology firms providing complete turnkey support to Advisors has significantly boosted the appeal of independence. But for those accustomed to…

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