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Health Care System in Oman

Introduction The speediest growth in healthcare spending is expected to be in the Middle East and Africa. The region could see an annual average increase of around 9% over 2014-2018, due in part to population development and growth and efforts to expand access to care. Currently, even though efforts by the private and public sectors,…


Health Care

Research on Diabetes Disease in Asia

According to Brunner et al. (2008), diabetes mellitus influence on all kind of socio-economic countries but the low-income countries are more influenced. In low and middle-income countries, the number of diabetic patients in urban areas is 186.2 million while 126.7 million live in rural areas (International Diabetes Federation, 2015). People tend to use more high…




Freedom of Speech in Singapore

Singapore’s relationship with freedom of speech and expression has been a rather complicated affair. Its censorship laws, in particular, have been subjected to major international scrutiny and criticism, sparking debates as to whether or not this universal human right even exists within the country. By definition, freedom of speech and expression refers to the right…



Freedom of Speech

Minimum Wage in Malaysia

Minimum wage can be defining as the minimum amount of salary that an employer for the work performed during a given period. Started from 2013, Malaysia implemented the minimum wage policy, according to National Wage Consultative Council (2012), the government has set a minimum wage of RM900 per month for employees in West Malaysia and…



Minimum Wage,


Geriatric or Aging Process

Geriatric is also called the aging process, it is a natural phenomenon. The world’s population is early people due to increasing in life span and decreasing in the birth rate. India is not excepted to this demographic transition. It is shown that the proportion of Indians aged from 60 years and older will increase from…




Problem of Youth Suicide in Asia 

Abstract More than 60% of world suicides occur in Asian countries but there is a great incompatibility between the scale of the problem and the resources and informations available to tackle it. (Kumar 2009) However, many Asian people are living unaware of the risking suicides facts that are getting greater time by time and suicide…



Teenage Suicide

Culture and Nature of My Homeland Malaysia

Malaysia is a third world country that has a unique history. Although we are young now, we can still proffer something to our beloved homeland. We can study the special culture of Malaysia, maintain the long lasting peace among the races and rescue the wondrous natural pulchritude of Malaysia. Our kingdom has a rare type…





Government Subsidies for Brunei Citizens

Government subsidies refer to the state-paying institutes or organizations to reduce the price of their products and services. This may include commercial items, pensions, medical care, education, and so forth. For example, the Brunei government spends 470 million per year on subsidies in education but the numbers are increasing as, in 2017, the Ministry of…





Business Ethics in Bangladesh

Business ethics means rules or regulation of morals that increase our knowledge of business behavior. All of the business activites should be guided through proper business ethics. First of all, here are some sources of business ethics in Bangladesh. Normally ethics of Bangladesh is affected by: Family, Culture, Religion, Laws of this country etc. The…


Business Ethics

Local History of Leyte and Laguna 

History of Leyte Leyte, an area in the island of Visayas that is composed of multiple cities, all of which had their very own history from the day it was built to what it has become now to this very day. Many ideas may spring when the name of the region Leyte is mentioned of…




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