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Global Warming in Nepal

Pages 5 (1 091 words)


Climate Change

Environmental Issues

Global Warming

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Economic, Political and Social Environment in South Korea

Pages 3 (646 words)





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Cross-Cultural Communication in Malaysia and Japan

Pages 6 (1 297 words)


Culture and Communication


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Food Culture of Asian Cuisine

Pages 4 (927 words)



Food And Culture

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Minimum Wage in Malaysia

Pages 2 (349 words)



Minimum Wage


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Local History of Leyte and Laguna 

Pages 8 (1 843 words)




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Multiculturalism in Malaysia

Pages 3 (700 words)



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Unwritten Law in Malaysia

Pages 3 (559 words)




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Freedom of Speech in Singapore Argumentative Essay

Pages 5 (1 165 words)



Freedom of Speech

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Health Care System in Oman

Pages 7 (1 738 words)


Health Care

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Analytical Essay Topics:

Economic, Political and Social Environment in South Korea

Cambodia Country: History and Nowadays

Life in City State Singapore

Local History of Leyte and Laguna

Reasons to Visit Nepal Country

Global Warming in Nepal

Seasonal Cotton Slavery In Uzbekistan

Multiculturalism in Indonesia and Australia

Environmental Issues in Malaysia

Nationalism in India & Southwest Asia

Multiculturalism in Malaysia

Multiculturalism in Singapore

Impact of Covid-19 on Education System in India

Corporate Social Responsibility of Banking Firms of Bangladesh

Impact of Education Policies of British on Indian Education System

Korean Pop Culture

Food Culture of Asian Cuisine

Cultural Identity Crisis: Multi-Ethnicity in the Context of Migration in Modern Philippines

Cross-Cultural Communication in Malaysia and Japan

Southern Cooking Techniques

Argumentative Essay Topics:

Japan as a Developed Country

Drama in Asian Theatre

North Korea and Nuclear Power

Daesh Propaganda Content Dissemination Through the Internet in Malaysia

Filipino Folk Dance – Tinikling

Feminism and Its Effect on Philippine Decision Making

Imperial Chinese Gardens

Healthy Environment in China by 2030

Japanese Culture and Tradition

Why We Should Study History

Role of Confucianism in China

The Philippine Constitution and Human Rights to Health

Zen Buddhism – to China by an Indian

Investment’s Role In Poverty Alleviation In The Philippines

Trade War Between US And China

Japan – Language, Culture, and Economy

Trade War Between US And China

Mental Health of Overseas Filipino Repatriates

Vietnam War: Rough Time for Everybody

Contrast Between North Korea and South Korea

Essay Topics About Asia

Asia Argumentative Essay Topics

Housing Affordability and Homelessness in The Us and Singapore

Causes of Unemployment Issue in Malaysia

Indian Brain Drain: the Issue of Talent Migration

Free International Relations of the Pacific Rim Essay Sample

Japanese Internment Camps And The Unethical Behavior

Tokugawa Period: Religion as a Political Tool for Population Control

The Rise and Spread of Islam

Brain Drain in Malaysia: the Strategies to Battle the Negative

Example Of Review Of Cloning of Human Embryo Article

The Discriminatory Actions Of The Japanese Internment Camps

Jerusalem Conflict and Peace Plan

The Most Popular Religions in East Asia

Brain Drain: the Good and the Bad

Sample Presentation On Global Power Center

The Horrific Tragedies Of Japanese Internment Camps

Jerusalem: from Spiritual City to a Chaotic Place

Asia Descriptive Essay Topics

The Influence Of Confucianism In Asia

Code Switching and Its Reception Among Malaysians

Good Article About Gap Analysis

The Increase Of Anorexia In Japan: The Result Of Seriousness Of Chauvinism Society

The Long Term Factors of The Failure of The Kingdom of Jerusalem

Buddhism Religion: Basic Beliefs and Practices

The Controversial Nature of China’s One Child Policy

Good Example Of Asian American Studies Presentation

Ho Chi Minh And His Prominence In The History Of Vietnam

The Problem of Education Inequality in The Philippines and Its Roots

Early Life and Education of Muhammad Ali

National and Global Perspective on Chinese One Child Policy

Good India Japan China and other Asian Countries Course Work Example

Ho Chi Minh: A Brief History Of American Involvement In The Vietnam War

The Main Policies of National Security of Pakistan

Malaysia Automotive Market

Asia Persuasive Essay Topics

China’s One-child Policy and Its Global Impact on Population

Essay On Asian Film Industry

The Issue Of Sexual Harrasment And Victim Blaming In China

Internal Balancing as Being Imperative to National Security in India

Country Report – Japan

Reasons We Should Abandon China’s One Child Policy

Decolonization Articles Examples

The Impact Of Great Wall Of China On Chinese Population

Analysis of Wind Energy Sector in India

America’s Failed Strategy in the Middle East

China One Child Policy and Its Impact on Population Growth

Essay On Religions of Asia

The Great Wall Of China And Its Significance

Telecom: The Answer to Pakistan’s Legal Illiteracy

Is Foreign Direct Investment Necessary for Economic Development

The Philippines Annexation by the USA

Asia Informative Essay Topics

Good Example Of Business Globalization in Asia Essay

Canada’s Indian Act: An Affront To Human Dignity

Research of How Loss of Reputation Has Played a Major Role in The Decline of Indian National Congress

Zhou Dynasty’s Society

Dread Or Surprise Story Outline Course Work

Barriers Preventing Solar and Wind Energy to Scaling Up in India

Women, Men and Politeness

Democracy and Democratization Course Work Example

The Green Revolution and Its Benefits in India

West Kowloon Cultural District Project

Critical Synthesis Course Work

The Conctroversial Theories of Taj Mahal and Its Construction

The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires

Good Course Work On Wendy’s

The Link Between Inequality in Education and Income Inequality in China

The importance of agricultural economics

Asia Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics

Islamic Art Course Work Examples

The Main Architects of The Golden Generation of Indian Badminton

The Communication Style In Middle East Cultural Studies Essay

Islamic World Pew Essay Examples

The Relation of Corruption in India to The Alien Conspiracy Theory

T’Boli Tribe

Trying to find Chinatown and One Friday Morning Essay Example

Hindi Cinema and Soft Power: a Review of Literature

Shopping in Hong Kong

Developing A Strategy Course Work Example

Human Rights of Transgender Community in India

Regional Products In Malaysian Culture Cultural Studies Essay

Example Of Course Work On Disaster Management In Indonesia

Seated Basketball Throw

Free Course Work About Cultural Assessment

Sports Coaching Logbook


Asia got its name from ancient Greek mythology. Once upon a time Asia (Asia) was the daughter of the titan god Oceanid, who became the wife of Prometheus. The ancient Greeks borrowed the word “asia” from the Assyrians, who called the place where the sun rises. Therefore, the Greeks began to call the territory that lies east of Greece as Asia.

Asia is the largest continent on Earth. Its total area is over 43.4 million square meters. km (this is 30% of the Earth’s territory). Asia is considered part of the Eurasia Peninsula.

In the west, the border of Asia runs along the Ural Mountains. In the north, Asia is washed by the waters of the Arctic Ocean, in the east – by the Pacific Ocean (East China, Bering, Okhotsk, South China, Japan and Yellow Seas), and in the south – by the waters of the Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea).

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