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European Union’s Migrant Crisis

Pages 6 (1 312 words)

European Union



Introduction Europe’s migrant crisis is causing several complications and disagreements in the European Union, and heads of states are having trouble trying to create solutions to this problem. There are many questions to be answered to completely understand the European migration crisis, for example who are refugees and immigrants? Where do they come from? What…

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Development of the European Union

Pages 9 (2 121 words)

European Union

In recent years, with these issues like the Brexit and the crisis of Eurozone existing, the European Union and its development in the future have become a popular topic to the relevant politicians, economists, company managers and even the public. Many people analyze the development tendency of the EU’s economy and politics. Some people think…

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Multi-Level European Union Governance

Pages 7 (1 658 words)

European Union


There are a wide variety of theories attempting the define and predict the development of the European Union, though the multi-level governance and moderate constructivist approaches are the most effective at explaining how the EU functions today and how it will develop in the future. Although the EU has aspects characteristic of confederations and federations,…

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Politics and Military in European Union

Pages 5 (1 017 words)

European Union



Following sixty years, the Treaty of Rome, Europe turns out to be huge power in military powers. European Union turns out to be incredible in security and guard. Europe is shielded by the military from the Cold War-period which is NATO union for twenty-two, till now European Union individuals are likewise dynamic as the NATO…

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European Union Democracy and National Governments

Pages 3 (624 words)


European Union


Over the span of the past thirty years, the European Union has brought about some of the most important economic transformations, large amounts of territorial expansions, and immense amounts democratic revivals. As of more recent times, however, the European economy has been largely in crisis and as a result, its enlargement has been in limbo…

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Domestic Law against European Union’s Migrant Crisis

Pages 3 (623 words)

European Union



Unlike Treaties, Domestic Law is only enforceable within a state’s own territory, therefore the states are more apt to enforce their own laws over those negotiated through treaty. While there is no force in place to enforce International Law, making the wider world one great anarchy, states will certainly enforce their own laws within their…

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The Pros and Cons of Brexit

Pages 10 (2 493 words)



European Union

Introduction Brexit as by definition is “a term for the potential or hypothetical departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.” Following a vote on the 23th of June 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU by 52% Leave and 48% Remain. This was then followed up by the Prime Minister activating Article…

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A Trip to Greece

Pages 6 (1 397 words)

European Union



Of all things known about Greece, I’m sure most people do not know facts that go into depth about the country. Though some people may know just a few facts. Many people research just the basics for vacations or educational trips to Greece, There’s a lot to learn and enjoy in the country. Greece is…

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Illegal Immigration-Closing the Borders

Pages 8 (1 996 words)

European Union

Federal government

Illegal Immigration


Abstract Illegal immigration has become a core issue among people to debate. People migrate under pressure of increased unemployment and poverty. Some people cross the border illegally, few seek asylum, and some enter state with proper documentation and stay after the expiration of their visa. This study is conducted to determine how close borders can…

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Immigration and National Identity Crisis in France

Pages 7 (1 685 words)

European Union



As quoted by President Barack Obama, “American isn’t just blood or birth but allegiance to our founding principles and faith in the idea that anyone – from anywhere – can write the next chapter.” This line is much related to the issue about immigration and identity crisis in France. France is in the grips of…

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