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Illegal Immigration-Closing the Borders

Abstract Illegal immigration has become a core issue among people to debate. People migrate under pressure of increased unemployment and poverty. Some people cross the border illegally, few seek asylum, and some enter state with proper documentation and stay after the expiration of their visa. This study is conducted to determine how close borders can…

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Belgium as the Richest European Country

Belgium is one of the developed country in the world. It is one of a country in Western Europe. It has a population of more than 11.4 million. The capital of Belgium is Brussels and there are four others major city such as Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi and Liege. Belgium also the smallest populated in European…


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Immigration and National Identity Crisis in France

As quoted by President Barack Obama, “American isn’t just blood or birth but allegiance to our founding principles and faith in the idea that anyone – from anywhere – can write the next chapter.” This line is much related to the issue about immigration and identity crisis in France. France is in the grips of…

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French Cooking Style

French cuisine is one of the most refined styles of cooking and considered an art in France. Eating is not only about the good or drinks, but it is also the about family, culture, and socializing. It is a very distinguishable food form, from its richness to the elegant presentation. There is a vast number…


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Food And Culture

Spanish and Japanese Cuisine

Intro to Spanish Cuisine Food is a central part of Spanish culture. Meals are a way to bring families together and entertain friends, business associates and guests from all over. Spanish cuisine is often described as a “Mediterranean diet”. Many Spaniards are proud of this and consider their diets to be some of the healthiest in…

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Problem of Income Inequality

Income inequality is a growing concern around the world, the problem seemingly growing each year. Eurostat, the official data agency of the European Union, last year, published a list of the 10 poorest and richest areas in Northern Europe. You can see that Germany has 3 of the richest areas, but the UK has the richest…

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Michelin Star Restaurant in Europe

Prepare to whet your appetite on a feast for the senses with our list of our favourite Michelin-star restaurants in all of Europe. ABaC, Barcelona, Spain Helmed by Spain’s youngest chef to be awarded with a Michelin Star, Chef Jordi Cruz has the ability to throw seemingly disparate ingredients together to create a magical dish….

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The Impact of English Culture On The World

English culture, undoubtedly, has had a huge impact across the world. Throught its traditions, customs and noteworthy and respectable cultural figures, significant contributions were made by english speakers in many arts, such as music and cinema, and instituitions throughout time. However, before we analyse this it is important to understand what culture really is and…



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Argument Mapping of William Labov’s Article

The goal of this paper is to present an ‘argument mapping’ of William Labov’s article, “The Logic of Nonstandard English”.The way I will proceed to map Labov’s argument is by defining terms and enhance all the supporting evidence that I find important in understanding the full argument. I will then go on to map the…


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Homelessness Issue in Ireland

Introduction The problem of homelessness in Ireland has turned into a crisis over the last ten years leaving thousands of people without a home. In this essay I will discuss how you are considered homeless in Ireland, causes of homelessness, the increase in homeless families, Ireland’s social housing policy and the Housing First policy and…



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