Is Internet Pornography a Factor In Today’s Gender Bias?

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Nowadays many people debate if should we apply an unlimited policy on mass media, regardless what type of the content and the ability to access it at any time. Because it is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment. However, nowadays women are losing their right because of the mainstream of the pornography are on the way to “extreme”. The most frequently criticized and worrying thing is that men with a tendency to sexual harassment generally have a misunderstanding of women – that they are willing to be sexually abused. Because they think that what they see in porn videos is also applicable in reality. Pornography is the primary source of gender bias because it always seeks to attract audiences by promoting violent content and setting unequal status for both sexes.

Today’s social pornography and video are incomparably rampant, the real harm behind this does not only make people addictive and dangerous on people spiritual thinking. But also passing of the wrong ideology of gender which is sexist attitudes. The issue of this is not that young people are viewing pornography but it becomes the only way for the teenager access sexual education. We may often find plots with “physical aggression” in those bestselling pornography. And “the eroticizing of this abuse, the representation of women not avoiding – or even enjoying – violence perpetrated against them.” from a Lecturer in Sociology, Meagan Tyler.

This kind of plot will create a script for the viewers. Under the imperceptible influence, we will think that this is the pattern of sexual intercourse in reality. Consequently, help to establish a relationship which the man is sexual dominate class and women are subordinate of the man. So we found that men with habitually pornography consumption tend to hold negative attitudes towards women, including more hostility, negative prejudice, and stereotypes.

Some components of pornography claim it has an advantage on improving an insisted promise of sexual liberation, which allowed women to be free on sexual expression. Because a century ago, women’s bodies were strictly controlled and covered because of people thought exposing bodies is indecent behavior. Those are the disconnect. What really empowers women is the feminist movement, which is the inevitable result of the progress of social civilization. On the other hand, pornography is published by a profit organization, so instead to oppose stereotypes and pursue women’s equal rights of expression, they are more interested in disposing women’s bodies into commercial products for trade to obtain money.

A conclusion from Virginia Commonwealth University shows that “online pornography presents dissonant messages to women—pornography is marketed to women as sexual empowerment but the content is violent and dehumanizing, particularly to the women who are in the industry.” Therefore, it serves for empowerment and pleasures the male by creat a superiority feeling above women but not to promote sexual liberation.

However, this interpretation of legitimacy coincides with the status of men and women in the past society. But now that existence of objective reality transforms the concept of male ruling from realistic rationality to theoretical rationality. And the pornography serves as a contributor to this transformation. Pornography creates conditions for unequal relationships between men and women in gender relations and allows viewers to gradually accept violations of women’s body.

Studies have confirmed that those who see violent pornography are more likely to support an abuse of women and girls, even commit a sexual crime in reality. “One longitudinal study of SEM sexually explicit material ( exposure and subsequent sexual aggression among youth found that intentional exposure to violent SEM over time predicted an almost six-fold increase in the odds of self-reported sexually aggressive behavior.” reacher project from Boston University.

Pornography the main sources of domestic violence and sexual abuse. According to general logic men and women should be equal in marriage life, but if it can be proved that women’s subordination is reasonable, then the benefit and dominate in the domestic of marriage is definitely male. Therefore, pornography utilizes that desire to place women in subordination and oppression. Consequently, cause violence and misconduct behavior against women.

The biggest danger of pornography is that he simplifies an intimate process of connecting people to build trust to become a purely mechanical movement and skill. We can find that women are beautiful and sexy in pornography. But the actual sex education will say that sex does not belong to a specific group, regardless of age, gender, physical health or illness, even disabled people have sexual demand.

Pornography will focus on people’s desires, while sex education is more concerned with feelings. The pornography was the main factor that causes gender discrimination. Besides, has a great influence on people who watch it frequently. For men, the more pornography they watched before, the more negative their attitudes toward women were, such as being more hostile or bias on the gender. In particular, people with low-affinity show more serious sexist attitudes after watch it.

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