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Racial and Implicit Bias in the Courtroom

“Two officers escorted a young black man into the courtroom.The prosecutor had offered the man a plea deal of probation, and he indicated that he would accept. I The judge asked, as she must: “Is anyone forcing you to accept this plea today?” At this point, most people quietly say ‘no.’ But the man responded…


Criminal Justice,


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Identifying Bias in Laws in Order to Lessen Future Biases

Laws and how they shape society are a complex process. I plan to examine to what extent our laws are rooted in bias and how it affects society’s future. The question I am going to answer is can laws be applied objectively, or will there always be some form of bias or prejudice? Why is…




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The Inherent Bias of Law

The United States legal system prides itself on the equal process of justice for all suspects and defendants, ensuring that any individual accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty. From afar, the legal system seems to do its job efficiently; the implementation of a jury eliminates biased rulings and laws against police…




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Implicit Bias, Racism and Privilege in Education

Based on this statement, “Unexamined biases in K-12 STEM classrooms can prevent diverse students from thriving and persisting in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.” I agree. For the reason that students’ part of the STEM field may struggle with privilege, implicit bias, racism, microaggressions, and stereotype threat. Subsequently this problem is often goes…




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Bias in Nursing

There are many types of bias within our culture, both Implicit, the unknown bias, and Explicit, the known bias. As human beings, we are not faultless or immune to bias. How we choose to deal with our biases determines our cultural competence. As a health care professional in the family Nurse Practitioner track, I have…



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Implicit Bias in Health Care

Many nurses and health care works at times aren’t aware of there unconscious discrimination behaviors, which can have a negative impact on health care it self. Implicit bias is exactly that, unconscious discrimination towards religion, race, identity, disability, and ethnicity. Many times we mean no harm When unconsciously discriminating against individuals, but it’s still important…


Health Care

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Prevention of Bias in Machine Learning

All of these applications have a direct effect on our lives and can harm our society if not designed and engineered correctly, with considerations to fairness. These examples serve to underscore why it is so important for managers to guard against the potential reputational and regulatory risks that can result from biased data. Therefore, it…



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Implicit Bias

Laws have been enacted to protect people who are discriminated and to fight against unfairness and injustice (ABA, 2016); however, implicit bias poses a special challenge for anti-discrimination law because it suggests the possibility that people are treating others differently even when they are unaware that they are doing so (Jolls & Sunstein, 2006). This…



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Confirmation Bias

People are prone to believe what they want to believe because our brains have a way of finding confirmation where it may not cease to exist. It is my goal to be able to find the relations in confirmation bias and the decision that was brought down by the main character in the story. Collectively…



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Influence of Biases in Investigation

After re-examining all the discussion questions, there is one question I would have liked to have see presented. The publication of the National Academy of Sciences report on forensic sciences was a watershed moment for the forensic sciences community. The report addressed several issues with not just the individual forensic sciences, but also the influence…


Decision Making

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