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Social Problems and the Best Solutions

Human beings create or construct social problems when they give a particular meaning to potentially troublesome conditions, a social problem is a condition which many people consider undesirable and want to correct. It is a condition that affects a significant number of people in ways considered undesirable, which is felt that something can be done…

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Social Problems

Social Problems and Critical Constructionism Theory

Robert Heiner, author of Social Problems, defines critical constructionism as “a synthesis of conflict theory and symbolic interactionalism” (Heiner, 2016, p. 10). Based on the work of Karl Marx, a revolutionary philosopher and sociologist, “conflict theory focuses on inequality, the social problems that are attributed to inequality and how the power of the elite use…

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Social Problems within Education

Racism is one social problem within educational institutions that involves prejudice against certain individuals due to their racial identity. Some races belief that they are more superior over other races which may lead to discrimination and unequal access to education opportunities (Sullivan, 2016). Another social problem within education is gender discrimination where men and women…


Social Problems

Social Problems Affecting the Youth

Before going further into the research, we must know the definition of “youth” first Who can be categorized as “youth”? “Youth” is best understood as a quantity of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence and awareness of our reciprocity as members of a community. The United Nation Educational (UN) defines “youth”, as…


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Definition of Social Problems

Introduction Social problems are conditions that damage society. To understand problems affecting individuals, sociologists advocate for looking at the problems from an outsider perspective rather than from the inside. According to Barkan, many problems appear personal, yet they are influenced by social factors (2). Therefore, it is important for individuals to investigate the external factors…

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Contemporary Social Problems: Technology

Why is Technology a Social Problem? From a Western perspective, people have tended to associate progress with that of technological improvement. We might look back to times of Industrial Revolution and its products as instruments of societal transformation and new symbols of progress. (Treviño, 2014) What began in agricultural societies as tooling up to facilitate…

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E-Cigarettes as a New Social Problem

There are many social problems that our society deals with every day. One of the most talked about issues in the news right now is the illnesses linked to e-cigarette use. Vaping has become a social problem and is an out of control epidemic in today’s society. I chose an article by Gillian Flaccus called…


Social Problems

Brutality of Police Officers as Social Issue

The problem with police brutality is that innocent people are getting beat for no reason. We need to do something about it fast. The first solution is that police’s need to wear body cameras. The second thing is stop using poor people to fatten city budgets, and the last is train police officers to be…

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Response To Terrorism

Local Police Response to Terrorism Terrorism has the unique ability to happen anywhere and everywhere. It can be unpredictable to some people while being completely planned out by others. From the moment a terrorist group even considers an attack, counter terrorism responders need also to be prepared and ready. Typically, citizens see terrorist attacks at…


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Cyber Terrorist Attacks and Cybersecurity

INTRODUCTION Globally, Technical/Digitalization clairvoyants are busy claiming that omnipresent and highly interconnected digital technology will scale up productivity and efficiency in an utopian realm, as well as new capabilities that the world has neither seen nor imagined. By most prevalent definition standards; Cyber terrorism is the premeditated use of disruptive activities, or the threat thereof, against computers…

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