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Effects of Pornography

Abstract Many Americans view porn on a regular basis. The internet source is the highest ranked as the easiest and fastest means of accessing explicit contents of pornographic materials. This paper will discuss different issues of pornography which effects the world and individuals in many ways. The information in this paper will explain the change…

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Effects of Pornography on the Brain

A study done by Kühn and Gallinat (2014) examines the adverse effects of pornography on the brain. Furthermore, to see if watching porn activity corresponds to the structurally and functionally areas of the brain. There were 64 males between the ages of 21 and 45 were chosen by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development…


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Why Pornography Should Be Protected

Susan Jacoby’s write-up “A First Amendment Junkie” revolved around the spirit of the First Amendment and how it guarantees absolute freedom to the citizens of America. She was candid in her approach and far ahead of her time in the sense of openness. Jacoby emphasized the fact that it was wrong to ban or censor…

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Negative Impact of Addiction and Overuse of Pornography

One of the effects of overuse of pornography is that it can have a serious negative effect on relationships. A case study was conducted on a couple struggling with pornography addiction, and they discussed the couple’s experience with structural family therapy and how it helped them overcome these issues. John and Mary, a married couple,…


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Stanley v. Georgia Court for Right to Use of Pornography

The use of pornogrpahy is extremley common in the 21st century, “35% of all internet downloads are porn related.” It is at the reach of everybody who owns computers or mobile devices, and they are able to watch it whenever they please. While the use of pornography today is accepted, this was not always the…

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Negative Impact of Pornography

Pornography is like a drug to those who view it consistently. Just like someone addicted to pills someone addicted to porn will need more and more at a higher dosage (finding more hardcore types) in order to feel normal and happy. Porn is also linked to many different problems such as anxiety, self-image, insecurity, and…

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Pornography Influences the Expression of Identity

Pornography and the online sex world have disciplined a society slightly more accepting or at least one that turns a blind eye to people exploring their sexuality, fetishes, and curiosities. People who engage in activities like this create a new subjectivity that disciplines how they live and interact with themselves and others. When talking about…

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“Beyond Speech: Pornography and Analytic Feminist Philosophy”

Many people shy away from topics that are outside of social norms, but when these topics are intertwined with dehumanization, they darken in silence. Pornography is not easy to discuss openly on account of it being so raw and embarrassing, but few topics are of greater importance than this to Mikkola. As a feminist philosopher,…

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Is Internet Pornography a Factor In Today’s Gender Bias?

Nowadays many people debate if should we apply an unlimited policy on mass media, regardless what type of the content and the ability to access it at any time. Because it is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment. However, nowadays women are losing their right because of the mainstream of the pornography are on…

Gender Discrimination,

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The Illusion of Pornography

It’s no secret that pornography has become mainstream entertainment in our society, with porn-related material accounting for over 30% of all data transferred across the internet. In fact, porn sites receive more regular traffic than Netflix, Amazon, & Twitter combined each month (Kleinman). Despite its widespread production, usage, and distribution, few are aware of the problems…

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