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Oppression in African Americans

African Americans experience oppression through literature, artwork, and black culture. How African American people can put a end to oppression and how oppression ever started is the content of this essay. The African American culture is unique because of our songs , and the food we eat. “Blues music was evolving across the country out…

African American,


Racial Discrimination

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Gilman’s and Du Bois’ Theories of Oppression

Gilman’s theory of oppression of mainly focuses on the economic consequences it creates (Bratton et. al, 12). Our androcentric society places women in the position of subordinate (oppressed), subjected to the will of man, the “master” (Allan and Daynes, 7). Gilman sees oppression as being alienated from nature as we depart from our social being…


Social Issues,


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Oppression and Intersectionality

Oppression is a day to day problem for many groups in a community and gets more complicated when intersected. Intersectionality is the study of intersections between different disenfranchised peoples or peoples of minorities. Specifically, the study of the interactions of many structures of oppression or discrimination. Even if a man is privileged in patriarchal society…




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Oppression in American Society

This paper discusses two assigned textbooks from Bell Hooks and Paulo Freire and their thoughts on oppression in American culture. I will further explore two additional sources to help in reading this paper. Throughout human history, Oppression has played a big role in how people are perceived and treated. It goes as far as race,…



United States

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Types of Oppression

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” Oppression happens when one group is dominant to the other. Oppression spreads madness throughout the world, causing hate but also creating problem-solving. Certain groups of individuals believe…



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Women’s Oppression

Being a woman is a daily struggle fueled by resistance to all forms of oppression. When you are women, immigrants, handicapped, young, homosexuals, or any other status, you undergo forms of oppression that can take the form of discrimination, differential and unequal treatment, more physical constraints, assignments to special tasks, forms of contempt. These situations…

Gender Inequality,


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Transcendence in Racial Oppression

The subject of racism is a sensitive one. As a society, we tend to not only avoid speaking on it, but we also avoid acting on it. There are so many opinions and so much pain and anger surrounding it that it is just easier for us to ignore it. Even though it is convenient…



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The Oppression of Black People in the USA Today

Taking a Stand; Ta Nashi Cotes African Americans have Historically been subjects to severe oppression, this oppresion is deeply embedded in American society. Inequality lies in political, economic, and social aspects of life for most African Americans. The problems faced by many African Americans today are rooted from slavery, hundreds of yeas of Jim Crow,…


Racial Inequality,

United States

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The Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Debility Theory

One of the most absorbing, yet fundamental chapters to read at present is Sensoy’s and DiAngelo’s Is Everyone Really Equal? Sensoy and DiAngelo take actions toward a more impartial society accessible to all students of all ages. These authors illuminates the truth about social inequality. Sensoy and DiAngelo take a clear action towards oppression and…

Critical Race Theory,




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Essence of The Feminist Theory

Feminism as an approach tackles about the political views of feminism in the society, it also talks about the different beliefs of feminism used to critique the literary works that was mostly published by men because of a society that looks up only on men. Feminism criticism takes its essence from the oppression of women…


Gender Inequality,


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