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Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church 

The Catholic Church is supposed to be a safe haven for many, it is supposed to be a place of worship, acceptance and love. But, for thousands of victims, the Catholic Church is a place of torture, abuse and neglect. The Catholic Church has been involved in many instances of sexual abuse, instead of admitting…


Sexual Abuse,


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Sexual Abuse Allegations in USA Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics is the national gymnastics organization in America, and is comprised of male and female competitive gymnasts ranging from five years old, up to mid-twenties. This organization is made up of T&T (trampoline and tumbling) as well as acrobatic and rhythmic gymnastics (USA Gymnastics, n.d.). It includes amateurs, college-level, and elite-level gymnasts. This sport…

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Child Sexual Abuse Effects and Relevancy

Imagine this, a room full of people: a college student, a musician, a lawyer, a teacher. All of them having once suffered from the atrocities of sexual abuse. The National center for victims of crime states that, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are subjected to some form of sexual abuse, before…

Child Abuse,

Sexual Abuse,


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Women Sexual Abuse

Abstract Sexual violence is a violation that causes severe traumatic pain, conflict, and confusion in the lives of women who were victims of sexual abuse as children. Many women today who have suffered such sexual violation such as molestation, rape, sexual assault and incest find themselves incarcerated because of their life’s downward spiral compared to…

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Dominant Coping Strategies of Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Dominant Coping Strategies of Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse Until recently, the sexual abuse of women has been a tragedy that for many years has been silenced by the public. Several women within the last few years have chosen to no longer be a victim of sexual abuse and share their painful stories to hopefully…

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Child Sex Abuse in Sports

Sport is supposed to provide a safe, healthy environment in which children can have fun while also developing life skills that will help them become successful young adults. And for the most part, this is the environment that most children find themselves in while participating in sport. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all…

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Sexual Abuse,


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Dealing with Sexual Abuse

There is so many people in the world that has/is still dealing with sexual abuse in families. It can be from close relatives to family friends or even people you hardly even know. People who deal with sexual abuse can be traumatized mentally and physically. There are a lot of people who constantly are being…

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Sexual Offenses and Offenders

Sources of Statistical Information on Sexual Offenses and Offenders They can be found at any law enforcement agencies, all probation agencies, any crisis or shelter foundations, also child protective services. Sexual offenses are ranged by type such as: adults of men and women, teenagers, and even young children. Most children learn by what they see…

Sexual Abuse

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PTSD of Sexually Abused Child

Abstract Across America child have been sexually abused. There is a large number of research that has determined that this type of abuse can have adverse consequences for victims. The development of post-traumatic stress disorder after such a traumatic event is all too common. This paper seeks to focus on strategies aimed at preventing sexual…

Child Abuse,


Sexual Abuse

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Me Too Movement and Sexual Abuse of Women

Every day, women worldwide go through the traumatic experience of being sexually violated. More often than not, these crimes go unreported and the assailant gets away without any repercussions. The me-too movement has recently shined a light on sexual abuse, which has many women sharing their stories. Women who do choose to share information about…

Me Too Movement,

Sexual Abuse

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