I Believe in What I Want to Believe in

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I believe as a society we are changing the way we live. We watch television and all you see is “Lose fifteen pounds in a week” or you see these celebrity shows. Many people want to look perfect and appear and live like a celebrity. Some take it out of control and get plastic surgery to look perfect.

I believe in tell the truth. There are many people walking down the hallways at my school. Many of them are phony. People that live two lives: one at school and one at home. My parents taught me things will turn out better if you tell the truth. Lying is bad because people are going to find out the truth anyways.

I believe in pride in what you do. I think what is the point of doing something if you are not going to do it right. You should never give up no matter what. I believe you should do your homework. It is not that bad it is only about one or two hours out of your day. And you learn the material better. But don’t get me wrong no one likes to do homework and it can be a pain, but it will pay off if you do it.

I believe in leader ship. Everyone has some leadership skills. With out leadership skills you would be known to any one. Who cares if people make fun of you because it looks as if you are trying to suck up to a coach or some other important person, by doing the right thing? Developing good leadership skills will help you later in life.

I believe in GOD and Jesus. I don’t like going to church but I am religious. I believe that GOD is there and is helping me with my life. I also believe that there is life after death.

Throughout my life I have been to many different places and I have met many different people. By far the people that annoy me the most are the people who are always negative. The “I can’t”. I believe you must believe in yourself and must always be positive.

I believe in sports and activities. I think everyone should be in at least one after school activity, especially sports. You get outside, get exercise, meet new friends, and play games. The best part is the feeling after you win a game. You have been training for so long and you finally achieved your goal. It is like studying really hard and getting an “A” on a test.

I believe in what I want to believe in. I can only change what I want to believe in. NO one can effect my decisions on what I believe in. I am not going to believe in something just because my best friend believes in it. What I believe in is what makes me different from everyone else. The way we live our lives is based off of our philosophies.

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