This I Believe: Me and My Family

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This, I believe…. My beliefs were originally from my perception of life. But I could not say that no one has shaped my beliefs about religion, politics, crime, and drugs because every day and everywhere I go, I learned something new. I believe that through growth I will discover new experiences. And I could say that someone or something has inspired me, at some point, to think of a certain way when it comes to those four topics. Politics was one of the topics that was discussed briefly in my household and it continues on today.

My childhood began in the Dominican Republic, which political views and beliefs are really strong. Since the age of five, I was living in DR which the knowledge of only the president, who at the time was Leoner Fernandez. He created a very powerful campaign and was elected with the hope of him leading a safer and greater country. My family has taught me to look for a leader with the best intentions not only for me, but for every citizen. I inherited a lot of beliefs and principles from my family, one of them being to accept everyone and how they define themselves. In the political world, the LGBTQ movement has become a topic where many individuals fight for what is right. Every candidate has taken into account talking about acceptance and legalizing same sex marriage, which I agree with and know is one of the things I look for in a candidate.

Another belief my family has taught me is that everyone has sacrifices they make throughout life. This comes into play when talking about immigration, which is another big and opinionated topic in upcoming elections. My family and I came to the United States legally, which took ten years to happen with the help of my aunt who already lived in the United States. They are families who do not have the time, help, money or opportunity to come to this country legally. A lot of immigrants do not come to this country to cause harm, “come to take our jobs,” or worse, destroy the US. They come to seek the chance of a lifetime to have a new and better life. They do not come to the United States to sit around and wait for a miracle to happen, they come and work like slaves for money that is not enough to maintain and support their families. Many immigrants come to this country to escape from death and violence.

My family and myself believe in sacrifice and if those immigrants have to sacrifice their lives for a better one, why not have faith and risk it? Abortion has become a controversial topic throughout the nation. I was raised by my mom to be Pro-Life, because she believes that a child is a gift from God and if God had given you the opportunity to bring a human being to this world you should hold onto them, even if it was conceived out of your will. But now with social media and an open-minded perspective in what a woman’s choices could be, what I believe is now really different from my mom’s. I believe in Pro-Choice because individuals should have the power to make the decision about their own bodies. I also believe that people sometimes do not think of the mother, only the baby. For instance, the mother might have some kind of issue that can cause her to not have children, or the situation is bad, and they do not have the correct timing to have a child.

Another reason I am pro-choice is because many women do not become pregnant by their decision. Some pregnancies are the result of an act of violence, such as rape, and I believe it is better not to bring a child into this world if you are not going to care for them as a child should be. As I get older, these will be the beliefs that have helped me become a better person. These are good qualities to have in life and to carry on to the next generation. I believe based on my family’s discipline to raise my children with the same rules they brought me up with. I believe that you are to have your own beliefs about societal issues so that you stand strong for what you believe in. Having this independence will give you confidence and never be brainwashed by society. There have been various life experiences that have both supported and contradicted what I have been taught.

One of the major ones was definitely moving to the United States. This experience has both supported and contradicted all the beliefs and principles that was taught since I was born until the age of nine, which was when I moved here. Coming to the US at a very young age gave me to opportunity to grow in a diverse place where opinions, beliefs and point of views are very different. It has supported me in the way of expanding my knowledge and making my beliefs stronger, and it contradicted by seeing situations that have shaped my life and way of thinking. In this class and in this new journey, I really hope to be able to learn and expand my way of thinking. I am excited and hope to be able to understand everyone’s point of view and be able to understand why that person might think that way and why we might think differently.

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