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Discussion About First Contact And Theology

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The discovery of life on another planet might seem incompatible with faith in a deity. Yet many theologians are already open to the existence of extra-terrestrials. Television pundit Stephen Colbert put it best in an interview with Vatican astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno: “If we accept that there is alien life on other planets, doesn’t that…

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Discussions Related To The Linguistic Differences And Similarities Between the Two Statements

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The divergence between “[nothing] better” and “no greater good” is rather semantic. In order to have a precise understanding when determining whether the two statements are reconcilable, however, we must nevertheless define these differences. In the first given statement, “[nothing] better for a city” describes a material good (e.g., currency, property). I derive this argument…

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Self-assured Approaches To End Discussions

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Communication Skills


When we have a reasonable objective – to end the discussion without the questioner feeling irritated – we can utilize some decisive method to do it, as in the accompanying models: Convey sympathetic that you need to complete: ‘Reason me, however, I need to go.’ Condense what we have discussed and express our longing to…

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Discussion Techniques

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Abstract Data was examined to determine if class discussions had any impact on student achievement in two social studies class. Students were engaged with five weeks of systematic forms of discussions. Data was collected by using tools such as pre-discussion interviews and post-discussion interviews, rubrics, and a survey. From the evaluation of the data collected…

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A Moment Of Silence In Discussions At Different Cultures

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The cultures of Asian and Nordic nations are mainly listening and silence means cautious ideas here. These cultures imagine that delays (silence) in a discussion keep the trade quiet. At times, silence can be an approach to permit everybody to conceal any hint of failure. In these cultures, what isn’t said can be as significant as what has been. Canadians and…

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Hilbert’s Discussion Of The Grand Hotel Related To Describing Infinity

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Introducing infinity can be done many ways, in this essay it will go over the definitions, history, past discussions, and if it is useful. There are several definitions and infinity has been a very controversial topic over the years. This also explains why there are past discussions of it and the main discussion that will…

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Discussion In Simulated Learning – A CHAT Perspective

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Simulation factiliators can use CHAT and activity system as a framework for observing simulations training and organising their thinking about which topics to explore during the debriefing sessions. The whole process starts when the factiliators think about which cases are more suitable to the learning objectives and continues the whole simulation activities and so to…

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Youth Extremist Groups Discussion

Pages 3 (631 words)


Youth Violence

Basic Background Information The issue of the radicalisation of many youths, particularly Muslim Youths, in Western Society has been a matter of growing concern for many years. This has been particularly true with the rise of extremist groups such as ISIS. In recent years there has been much debate and academic focus on why youths…

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History Discussion: Conquering of Indian Nations

Pages 3 (556 words)



Native American

There were three main aspects that enabled the Spaniards to defeat the mighty Aztec nation. The Spanish had an incredible fleet of soldiers and sea vessels, they introduced small pox and other catastrophic diseases to the Aztec population, and they enlisted the help of local allies willing to assist in order to escape the brutal…

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