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“Good Life” Meaning

Aristotle on understanding the concept of “good life”, on ethics and Happiness as the surviving works of his finding and essentially of being. Aristotle’s approach to Ethics is teleological and this means the study of final cause and the end on goal which thing aims of life worth living. He argues, it must surely be…



Meaning of Life

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Creating a Meaningful Life

Life presents many decisions that individuals must make on their path to creating a meaningful life. But life also imposes constraints and external factors that can challenge an individual. In order to live meaningfully, we as humans must take risks. Individuals have the power to create a meaningful life by allowing themselves to take risks…


Meaning of Life

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The Question of the Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life – a question to which every individual, including me, begins to look for the answer sooner or later. Depending on age, character, and even gender, the responses to it can vary considerably. The question of the meaning of life is one of the traditional fundamental problems of philosophy, theology,…


Meaning of Life

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What Is the Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life? Can this question even be answered? To some people, this may never be found, but others share their opinions, experiences, and other evidence to be able to properly explain their answer. Many evolutionists may say that the point of life is to reproduce and pass down genes. Some people…


Meaning of Life

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The Meaning of Being a Human

According to Descartes’s argument of what it means to be a human being, he came with the conclusion that being a human is to be a thinking thing. My mind can exist without my body. I am a substance whose whole essence or nature consists only in thinking, at which it does not depend on…


Meaning of Life

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Life’s Meaning by Susan Wolf

Susan Wolf, in her work Meaning of Life, explains that the question as to what the meaning of life questions the purpose behind our existence in the world. She then proceeds to answer the same problem. She argues that the meaning of the life of a human being should not be considered from a subjective…


Meaning of Life

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What is a Meaningful Life?

When asked the question: What is a meaningful life? Some might say that it is a life that is lived seeking pleasure and comforts, inevitably avoiding hard situations and things that might counter pleasure-seeking. This is the idea that Nietzsche had when reflecting upon ancient philosopher’s wise words about life and its meaning. Nietzsche believed…

Goals In Life,

Meaning of Life

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Meaning of Good Life and Moral Life

Two decades of living isn’t long enough for me to perfectly define what a good life is, even life in general. What I certainly know is that life isn’t easy, it’s horrible and complicated, but it is worth the try. Two decades of thriving has taught me valuable lessons one cannot obtain by just merely…

Meaning of Life,


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Meaning of Life and the Importance of Money

Do I think Money is life? a lot of people can agree a lot can’t agree but I agree that it is life because Money means less financial problems and lead us to a brighter future , it helps us to have control over our life. Not only that but so many more reasons why…

Meaning of Life,


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Good Life in Aristotle Point of View

After reading Aristotle’s view on The Object of Life, I reflected on what his idea of a good life was, and if I found his understanding of this view to be accurate. Aristotle believes that leading a good life means fulfilling one’s purpose in a way that is good by balancing life’s pleasures. He was…


Meaning of Life,


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We’ve been looking for it for millennia, and yet we still do not know the answer to the fundamental question of why we are here and what is the meaning of everything around us. Is it just a coincidence that we, humans, have the brain capacity to perceive ourselves as individuals and struggle to perceive our role in a grand scheme of things? Countless essays about meaning of life have been written over the centuries, and you might want to check some of those out and see whether there’s an answer in them. You can write your own meaning of life essay and explore the topic for yourself. The most plausible answer is that everybody has their own meaning of life; you, as a student, might see the meaning of life in getting your degree and achieving success in your career, your college teacher might see his meaning of life in spreading knowledge, and your parents might see their meaning in getting you on your feet and giving you all the resources you need for a decent start in life. You might want to check out some of the meaning of life essay examples to see what other people think.

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