Personal Experiences in IT Companies

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I am an Explorer and love to discover and learn new skills and techniques. I always use computers and have been using them from such a young age. After my matriculation, a thought struck me that how Google Search works because I have been observing since my childhood that Google Search has a solution for every question or problem. Then I researched on it and found that there is a complex computer programming which gives us a quick answer or solution, which made me curious about to learn more about “computer programming”.

Then I started to learn about web designing and have successfully got through HTML, CSS, and basic JAVASCRIPT from Code Academy. During this pandemic crisis, I did a Fundamental Digital Marketing course from Google and learnt the basics of digital marketing than I did a Data Analytics course from Google by which I learnt about Google analytics tools and its uses. Last year, I attended a workshop on Artificial Intelligence at Cerd Academy, which made me curious to learn more about it.

In 2019, I attended Summer Entrepreneurship Camp at IBA, which completely changed my career perspective. In the same year, I was a “Brand Ambassador” in Winter Entrepreneurship Camp at IBA in which I interacted with CED faculty and learnt more about how the entrepreneurs works. I have been a “volunteer” for the Summer Camp at The Citizens Foundation (TCF). I also have been a “camp leader” in Shaheen Camp organized by Bazm-e-Sathi.

Currently, I am learning WordPress from Digiskills. I am a Brand Ambassador in Online Entrepeneurship Program (OEP) at IBA. My hobbies are gardening, traveling, and volunteering. I love to listen Ted talks. During lockdown, I watched quarantine series organized by Umair Jaliawala in which different trainers, company owners and entrepreneurs shared their thoughts, ideas, and intellectual experiences.

I want to become a “Computer Scientist” and also want to become a “Social Entrepreneur” and this is the main reason why I want to get admission in IBA because IBA is the only platform where I can fulfill both my dreams. The thing I liked most about IBA is an event that makes learning fun and exciting. The most important reason I want to join IBA is “The Artificial Intelligence Lab” which provide students a forum for the development of intelligent systems and discussions on modern technologies. IBA Google Developer Student Club (DSC) is one of the most active Developer Student Club in Pakistan, which provides a platform for students to research and solve Google student challenges.

I want to solve the agricultural problem of our country through modern technology. My inspiration behind pursuing a career as a social entrepreneur is Google Search On: An original documentary series and 13-year-old “Gitanjali Rao” who invents lead detection device named Tethys. I am very hopeful that by the time I complete my graduation I will start with the service by the help of the Incubation center of IBA.

I want to create a security system for farmers, which shall help them to monitor their crops. This system will alert them with the upcoming dangers such as weather conditions, flood, pest attacks and others. I shall equip the system with automatic pesticide spray guns that could easily kill all the pests and other microbes. As Pakistan is an agricultural country and our farmers need such a system to overcome the pest attacks that are increasing continuously.


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