Updated October 16, 2020

Personal Experiences in Oak Village

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Personal Experiences in Oak Village essay
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Dining Experiences

While many assisted living facilities maintain one common dining area, Oak Village will host two: one will be the main dining hall and the other a less formal gathering place offering a slightly different menu. In each of the dining rooms, residents will be able to order off of daily menus or, for an added cost, choose from an extensive array of custom menu options. The dining experience is crucial to the satisfaction of residents and families alike. Typically, the dining areas in many assisted living facilities are cavernous and impersonal.

Oak Village will take a different approach by breaking up some of the dining space to allow for more personal dining experiences as desired with tables separated by lattice screens and plants. In addition, it will be done in such a way as to allow for easy conversion back to larger open spaces to accommodate events such as community functions, pancake breakfasts, etc.

Consistent with the assisted living philosophy, Oak Village will have a non-professional staffing environment. That is, it will deliver housing with support rather than medical care.

Notwithstanding the non-professional environment, there are several key staff qualifications that Oak Village will demand. First of all, all staff and volunteers will go through extensive, internal, senior care training and come with the appropriate education for their respective roles to ensure knowledge, skills and abilities meet the highest industry standards and the expectations of Oak Village and its residents. For example, employees who provide personal assistance services will either have to have a college-level home support/resident care aide certificate or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

All staff will be trained for best-in-class service and expected to operate with the utmost in integrity, compassion and care at every resident interaction. Management will continue to coach to this and will maintain comprehensive documentation on staff selection and training and have it available for review by the Office of Assisted Living Registrar at all times.

Personal Experiences in Oak Village essay

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