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Different Types of Development Actions

Reflecting on my personal learning style, I tend to fall into the visual and kinaesthetic categories. I learn best by watching a colleague complete a task first and then attempt the task myself to gain the practical experience. An alternative to the VAK approach of analysing learning styles is the Honey and Mumford approach. This…


Learning Styles

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Analysis of My Learning Style

Learning style is defined as how a student responds to or understands a content. Every student gains an understanding of details differently. There are ten types of learning styles. Most people have a specific technique of learning. Some learn by listening while others learn by observing steps or being hands on. Being mindful of your…


Learning Styles

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Different Learning Styles

According to Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence, there are over seven types of intelligence learning styles. These styles include visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary. A person would automatically assume that if a person prefers to hear information as a better way to memorize material, they should be given information auditorily. In…


Learning Styles

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Understanding of Learning Styles

The learning environment is filled with learners whose learning strategies are unique to each other. Understanding their differences is particularly important for any instructor or facilitator of the educative process. To prove the complexity of a person’s learning behavior, objective observations should be kept all the time. Consider these two types of learners: one who…


Learning Styles

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The Academic Success Program: Turn It In

To provide some context, the Academic Success Program was traditionally a program to support first semester freshman and transfer students or continuing students matriculate to the research university and to address challenges or difficulties in their academic journey. The intent of the program was and is to demystify the research university while providing a realistic,…

College Students,

Learning Styles,

Study Skills

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Research on the Use of Teaching Methods

What do we mean by Reflective Practice as an educational research method? Reflective practise allows us as teachers to reflect on their own teaching with open-mindedness, careful consideration and ultimately shapes our thinking and action. The method of reflective practice allows the educator to engage in a learning environment where “the learning takes place in…



Learning Styles,



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Learning Style And Study Skills

To no surprise of my own my preferred learning style, according to vark-learn.com, is kinesthetic. I have known that I am a kinesthetic learner since I was in middle school during a similar assignment. However, I have never thought to research the best way to study to help better understand what I am learning. I…

Learning Styles,


Study Skills

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Discussion Related To Different Types Of Learning Strategies

Daniel T. Willingham, a psychologist at the University of Virginia and author this article, “Are You a Visual or an Auditory Learner? It Doesn’t Matter”, discusses whether different types of learning strategies matter or not. In the classroom, many teachers are persuaded to try different leading strategies to leave more options for the students to…

Learning Styles,


Study Skills

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