Homework Should Be Banned?

Updated February 15, 2021

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Homework Should Be Banned? essay

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It is impossible to imagine a modern educational institute without homework. In different system of education used in different levels, homework is a common tool teacher or facilitator got to use. Mostly students assigned daily homework on each lesson they learn. But the real question is, is it necessary to give homework?

Although there are various perspectives about the importance of homework and how much it improves the learning of students. Some argue that homework is with many benefits for students, but others think that homework should be banned in education systems. This essay will examine the positive and negative aspects of homework.

Advantages of Assigning Homework

Some people think that homework will help students in their academic careers. There are several advantages of homework, if it is given in the correct amount and at the right time.

Productive Home Environment

First of all, home environment can be more productive for some to assess what students learn at school by themselves. All of the students will not be cosy in doing work in classroom where there will be a loud and time limit.

That’s why home can be more effective for them as there is no competition and restrictions. And they can learn at their own speed in the place where they feel tension free.

More Involvement of Parents

Other than that, a necessity to do and check homework makes parents more involved in studying. It represents what happens in children’s classes to their parents.

Sometimes children having trouble with some lessons or subjects could ring bells for their parents to provide them further assistance to their child. Moreover, its supports parents to communicate with their children more.

Communication Boost

Improving interaction is one of the purposes of assigning homework between leaners and Teachers. Students not only ask questions but visit after class sessions in order to deal with the work by themselves.

Boost in communication can benefit both teachers and students in educating and learning too and they will feel much more comfort in the process.

Self-study to Better Results

Sometime the knowledge learned of lessons in class is relatively low, but to achieve the requirements of the curriculum make it must for teachers to give self-study home tasks for students to achieve better results.

Practicing what they learned in classes in homework make students ready for upcoming exams. The responsibility of repeating what they learned at the lesson open doors for better memorizing and understanding, which will be improving the self-confidence of the students.

Make Students more Responsible

If students do all their work in classes than they won’t have any idea about the burden teachers take to get ready for the lessons and may behave badly with carelessness. But, when they are given assignments to do at home on a regular basis, it will rise the responsibility, punctuality and executively.

These features can be very useful for constructing the future career. Also, homework improves the presentation skill of students. They present all the knowledge of lessons in homework done by them. It will help teachers in assessing the level of their students.

Develop Life Skills for Future

Apart from doing the direct lesson works, students need to research many sources to complete their assignments well. That helps to get more additional information and knowledge making children brighter.

By doing homework pupils learn important life skills like setting priorities, managing time effectively and improving self-discipline. That is good for future profession and meeting deadline. Also, this can develop a competition in education encouraging students to achieve better results.

Benefitable Usage of Time

Furthermore, sometimes while doing homework at home, student can analyze the part of lesson that was not understood by him. Mostly, if they do their work in the class accompanied by classmates, they will never know what they learned or what they don’t. They will be copying the things they don’t understand without making any effort to understand.

It could leave the achievement of lessons bar lower. So, it can be said that homework gives students a chance to enhance new skills and stand out among other students. And homework keeps teenagers busy with tasks as too much of leisure time increases the chance of them getting involved in illegal or criminal activities raises greatly in the community.

Disadvantages of Assigning Homework

On the other hand, others argue to ban the homework as they think that it has little educational value and adds nothing to the time spent in class. It means homework doesn’t make them learn anything new of lesson, but it just gives a practice of it.

The results of some schools and some countries don’t bother with homework do not seem to suffer. Studies show that homework adds nothing to standardized test scores. But countries with more homework got worse results.

Less Ready to Learn

Homework is almost always done when the child is tired from long day at school. Long sessions of new lessons on all the subjects make students so tired. As a result, most of the students cannot bring out the best when they sit down in the evening to yet finish more works. They just do their work for a name sake.

So, homework ends up being done by hurry and poor-quality work is produced. And it’s worse when students stay up late to finish off their homework, then coming sleepy into school next day, less ready to learn. It could frustrate them to stay up with the speed of teacher and cause many other issues in school environment.

Little Help to Develop Learning Skills

Development in good study skills by setting homework is very little. As it’s very hard to check whether the homework student brings is really by their own. Teacher cannot supervise students work at home, as a result they may take the advantage of it so badly. Some students always copied of others and get their parents help.

Now a day there is a lot of materials available in the internet teachers can never be sure of it. Students could search internet and give all their answers correct without knowing any of the lesson, actually confusing the teacher of student’s actual quality. Without knowing the actual standard of the student’s teachers couldn’t help their students any progress. Hence it would be better to have a mixture of activities in class which help students to develop and improve independent learning skills.

Heavy Load of Work on Teachers

The heavy work load on teachers of marking of countless daily homework could leave them tired and lower ready for effective and inspiring lesson preparations causing a long-term reduction in young graduates becoming teachers and so reduce the talent pool as well the quality of education provided.

Assigning homework every day means teachers have to mark all the works of all the students in a daily routine. It will need so much of time that teachers couldn’t find. It will leave them over worked, leaving them irritated and less ready to face challenges of a class.

Reason to Dislike Education

Studies have shown that many children find doing homework very stressful, boring and tiring. Often teachers could set unrealistic deadlines with underestimation on how much time it would take on a task given to home. Because teacher has not explained something new in the class well enough, for some children homework task becomes impossible.

All the students don’t understand the lessons easily, so they may not be able to do homework all by themselves. Yet, at home they cannot get any help of the teacher leaving them miserable and lower levels of confidence won’t do any good. And when they couldn’t complete the works assigned, they also have to take the burden of punishment for the work done badly or late.

Repeating such bad experience for years, it is no wonder that many students starting to dislike education and drop out at young age. Some students start hating the specific subjects on what they have to face this. This slowly takes them away from education and develops discipline issues.

Eats up All of the Time

Consumption of lot of time of children by homework leaves them physically inactive and unable to explore other interests and skills in them. As they have to spend the time after school doing school works assigned to home means they have to stay home and they can’t take part in outdoor activities of their interest.

Homework squeezes the time they could have spent of building bonds with other, especially family and friends as it is a very important for young people. All the planes of families also will be affected according to the over needed time of their kids for school works.

Inequalities of Background Effects

In class everyone is equal, but at home some have advantage of their family background. Middle class families with facilities will be able to provide more than poor ones.

Those middle-class families can provide their students with computers and high-priced books for them to complete all their home tasks easily, while poor family students struggle to match with the requirements asked by schools for home tasks. Also, pushy parents could end up doing their kid’s homework for them, creating a bad habit of cheating. The habit of cheating could develop carelessness and irresponsibility that students cannot value the worth of education.


It is useless to deny the fact that homework is beneficial for students as it is a vital and valuable part of education. Of course, there might be some restrictions relating age and number of tasks assigned. Also, all of it needs to be monitored in education systems. Considering the many of disadvantages of daily homework routine are to be minimized by controlling it systematically. Although homework remains one of the most effective ways of improving the existing knowledge and skills of a student.

Its true that homework carries a heavy risk of disadvantages with it, but all those could be minimized if teachers and parents are aware. Anyhow, banning homework isn’t something which can be done that easily for a school, as without it an education system cannot be completed. That is the reason it plays a big part in education system of all times.

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