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Personality Traits and its Influence on Early Childhood Education

Introduction Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures – F. Scott Fitzgerald, (The Great Gatsby). An individual’s personality influences much of his life as well as others. In this research we explore what are the Big Five personality traits defining each. As an early childhood educator, understanding your personality type can prove useful in…

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Personality Traits

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Educational Goals in Early Childhood Education

An important entity of the educational system that host children prior to grades Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade is that of the Early Childhood Education. The input of the Early Childhood Education program for all children is to experience education prior to public school entrance. Many programs have made strives to readdress the educational disparities through…

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Educational Goals,


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Book Review on Social Justice in Early Childhood Education Leadership Practices

Introduction “Courageous Leadership in Early Childhood Education: Taking a STAND for SOCIAL JUSTICE” is a collection of action-based narratives of early childhood leaders who took a courageous stance to advocate and act against the inequities and challenges within their educational setups. The inspiring stories are shared through the thoughtful and insightful writing of authors who…

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Social Justice

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