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Teaching Today Using Erikson’s Epigenetic Principle Argumentative Essay

This paper will discuss Erik Erikson’s theory related to the epigenetic principle and how it applies to the common core learning practices used today. In reviewing Erikson’s epigenetic principle, Boeree (2006) likens this principle of developmental stages of the mind to the petals of a rosebud, stating that “each petal opens up at a certain…

Child Psychology,


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Role and Impact of ICT in English Language Teaching

Kumar (1998) designed an experimental study to examine the relative effectiveness of three methods of instruction, multimedia method, exposition method and programmed Learning. The results found that (i) the multimedia method was more effective than either the programmed learning method or the expository method. (ii) Theprogrammed learning method was more effective than the expository method….



Technology in Education

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The Importance of Using Modern Teaching Strategies

Institute, hanged out with my roommates, travelled with native speakers around Florida and attended many free toastmasters and meetings by using Meet up and Facebook applications. I also joined two book clubs in UCF and university of Florida. Moreover, she asked me to write an essay for each video of Ted Talk to improve my…




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Impact of Task Based Language Teaching on Uplifting Writing Skills

Absract Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT) is a very modern concept in the field of Applied Linguistics. Although many researches have been conducted on this topic in the West, yet in Pakistan this area needs due attention. In Pakistan, English has gained the status of second language as it has become official language of administration…




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Teaching Strategies Used in the Clinical Setting

Abstract Learning theories are the primary information for educational system planning in the study room and medical education covered in nursing. The cause of this study was once to focus on the different teaching approaches used in the clinical settings. These approaches apply to the thought and feelings of the person, strengths and weaknesses in…




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Incidental Teaching for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Incidental Teaching, also known as naturalistic teaching, is a treatment method implemented for behavior intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. McGee, Morrier, and Daly described incidental training as, “A teaching technique that utilizes behavior approaches; naturally occurring teaching opportunities are provided based on the child’s interests. Following the child’s lead, attempts to communicate are…

Mental Illness,


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Enhancing Teaching with Hands-on Activity

Nelson Mandela once said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Being a part of 21st century has had an enormous impact on the education field. Accordingly, student’s interest and learning styles have changed. Teachers are doing their best to keep up with the changes by adapting new strategies inside the classroom….




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The New Era of Teaching Strategies and Using Technology

As the world rapidly changes and instant development happens everywhere, the demand for updating the knowledge and applying it in one’s field is essential. The new methods of modern education such as the technology-driven classroom, inquiry-based learning, and the emphasis on building the skills and values are the right practices for a healthy learning environment….



Technology in Education

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Integrating Spreadsheet Software in the Teaching of the Linear Graphs

Teachers of mathematics are constantly challenged with finding the most effective methods of reaching students. Primary school and high school students today are part of a group with a lot of technological tools at their disposal. They play games, listen to music, and watch more movies than students ever have. While these types of technology…



Technology in Education

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Teaching in America

The challenges of a teacher remind me of the game of football. The running back in football has an incredible amount of endurance. The number of yards he can run in the shortest amount of time on any given day makes a huge impact on the field. The teaching profession is a lot like football….

American Education System,



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