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Comparing Of Two Poems

Compare and contrast the two poems, ‘Written on the Sea Shore’ and ‘The Haunted Beach’; paying attention to form and style as well as themes and content. This paper will be comparing and contrasting the way that Smith and Robinson use themes within their poems. ‘Written on the Sea Shore’ by Charlotte Smith explores the…


Poems Of Wilfred Owen

The poems Disabled by Wilfred Owen and ‘Out, out by Robert Frost were written 1917 and 1916 respectively, the poems were both written with the theme of loss featuring prominently throughout the narrative. Wilfred Owen was an English poet and soldier during the First World War, he was one of the leading poets of the…


How Language Is Used In Poems?

In both poems “Harlem” and “Awaking in New York” used language to convey its meaning. In “Harlem” Langston uses figurative language to help provide an image of different dreams. He uses a simile that shows how language is being used, to provide an image. For example, in line 6 it states, “ Does it stink…



Theme History In Poems

In the Poems ‘Cypresses’ and ‘A Sad Story’ DH Lawrence and Gillian Clarke write about past events in their respective poems, and both explore ways in which history is remembered, or lack thereof. In his poem ‘Cypresses’, Lawrence features ‘Tuscan Cypresses’ through which he explores the Etruscan civilisation and writes about past events and civilisations….



The Soul Charmer Poems

I am not professional reader of poetry but the book The Soul Charmer mesmerized me and surely made me glad that I have decided to read this book. This book is not available in the market I have purchased it online in the form of soft copy. Now I am going to write something scattered…


Comparing Two Poems

Comparing two poems was quite an interesting part. Here, I didn’t compare the summary of both the poems but instead, compared what makes these poems look different, how the poets had used the language to attract their readers. Here, I am comparing two poems which have quite similar language use, which are “Stopping by woods…


Structure of The Poem Night Watch

Introduction The poem Night Watch by Miller Oberman, just like any other poem has a physical structure that helps to identify it as a poem. For example, it has stanzas, lines and a specific message to be conveyed to the readers. Body The poem is arranged into seven stanzas each with six lines. These kinds…




Cummings’ Poems

Readers of all ages were drawn to his poems, as they presented a challenge both visually and psychologically. Cummings’ poems revolved around the topics of war, sex, and love, which further catapulted his popularity. (Kennedy) The idiosyncratic state of e. E. Cummings’ poems destined him to become one of the 20th century’s most eminent literary’…


My Favorite Poems

After reading and understanding multiple poems all dealing with different themes and topics, I first preferred talking about “The Bright Lights Of Sarajevo” by Tony Harrison, because I was obsessed by how the poet used the theme of war and love throughout his poem. This made me interested because of how different those two topics…


Literature Analysis of the Poem “Mother and I Walking”

Lorna Crozier is a poet who is quite well known for her sensibility. In the poem, “Mother and I Walking”, the poet end ups presenting quite a touching story of the torment that a little girl is going through upon the death of her father (Crozier 1). This little girl, is, however, consoled by the…

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Theme In Literature

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