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Marijuana Use among College Students

Pages 8 (1 818 words)

College Students


It is no secret that the use of marijuana in college students has increased significantly over the past decade. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) states that about 1 in 10 marijuana users will eventually become addicted, and this number increases for people who begin using before the age of 18, to about…

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Gratification Through Social Media Use in College Students

Pages 11 (2 549 words)

College Students

Social Media

Social Media Addiction

Abstract A research study on college students was conducted to examine what motives college students have for social media use and why they use different social media platforms. According to the results, the primary motive for social media usage was to remain connected to the users friends and family. This motive was determined by college…

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Why Students Fail College Courses

Pages 4 (926 words)

College Education

College Students

What causes us to fail college courses? Failing college courses is something relatively common in modern America and I am going to talk about why. Motivation, study habits, preparedness, professors, and lack of relevance are all factors as to why so many of us fail college courses but I believe the biggest reason is because…

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Mental Health Issues Among College Students

Pages 7 (1 608 words)

College Students

Mental Health

Heading off to a university is a thrilling milestone of a student’s life since it`s a time of advancement and learning, but never was this next level education thought to have a negative influence towards these young adults. During this time a higher education, students begin to face new responsibilities and challenges, but unfortunately this…

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The Impact Living on Campus has on College Students 

Pages 3 (574 words)

College Education

College Life

College Students

Deciding on the right college can be a difficult choice and determining where the student will live plays a large role in this decision. The student’s residency will affect his or her overall experience. By living on campus, the student can have a positive experience. Living on campus is beneficial for college students because they…

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How Can College Students Live a Healthy Life

Pages 3 (568 words)

College Students

Healthy Lifestyle

A survey showed that nearly 65% of college students believe their lifestyle is not very healthy. Some students often eat takeaway, exercise less and do not leave the dormitory on weekends. College students are full of vitality and they are at the stage of strengthening the body and increasing knowledge. Good living habits are an…

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Stress Effect on College Students

Pages 7 (1 561 words)

College Students


Abstract Stress is a modern day problem that everyday humans can not seem to avoid. The negative effects of stress can and do affect an individual’s health and performance. As a result, people have all developed their own ways to manage stressful situations. Considering the fact that stress can be caused by many of the…

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Does Stress Lead to Weight Gain in College Students? 

Pages 7 (1 692 words)

College Students



Stress and anxiety levels are raised amongst university and college students. (Haiidar, et al., 2016). It is known that increased stress levels have a negative impact on both the mind and the body. There are a few psychological problems that occur with stress including anxiety and depression (Haiidar, et al., 2016). In addition, according to…

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Phone Usage and College Students 

Pages 5 (1 013 words)

Cell Phone

College Students


As college students, we all know what stress feels like. I would even venture that a handful of us are familiar with chronic anxiety or depression. In fact, according to the American psychological Association, over 40% of college students have some sort of mental health concern, and over 25% display severe or worsening symptoms. This…

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Sleep for College Students

Pages 3 (563 words)

College Students

Mental Health

A student’s brain is still developing and learning new information, thus sleep is vital for retention and application when needed; exams, homework, and quizzes. Sleeping is important for everyone, especially college students—the amount of stress and pressure faced is a leading cause for lack of sleep (Campbell et al., 2018). The amount of freedom given…

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