Should we Spend our Time on Homework?

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Homework? Why should we spend afternoon slaving away at work that no-one wants to do, including the teachers. Teachers spend hours creating different tasks for our homework and when we hand it in, they spend even more time marking. I have heard dozens of teachers complaining to others about how much work they have and how they don’t want to waste their time marking homework.

Homework puts unwanted stress on the students, we sit there stressing if we did enough research, we sit there hoping that we did it the way the teacher wanted, we sit there hoping for marks that our parents expect.

We students spend hours sitting there in front of work that would be quicker and easier done in class, where we are motivated to finish with merits or free time but at home, there are many distractions that obstructs our journey to finishing the homework by enticing us. Every student has technology and there is no bigger temptation then sitting there on your phone and chatting with your friends. Why are us students given extra homework that soaks up time from a students’ afternoon.

An afternoon that can be better spent with plans of socialising or playing sports outside. Instead we are forced to do pages upon pages of homework and when we finally finish, we realise the sun has set and your plans for the afternoon have been crushed so now we stay inside and eat dinner.

Nelson Mandela once said “When one climbs a hill, one only finds there are many more hills to climb.” I think this quote applies perfectly to homework. No matter how much homework we do or how well homework is done, there is always more tomorrow, next week, next term. The topic of removing homework as already been debated before with some trialling this idea with great success.

So, my question today is, should we spend hours toiling away at useless work while some spend their days frolicking in the grassy fields.


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