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Negative Influence of Television on Teenagers

Television is the second most popularly used media after mobile phones. It has been around for ages and so has its negative consequences. It is important to realize that these consequences are becoming more dangerous and should be taken seriously. An average teenager spends 20 hours watching television which is more than half of the…


Technology Addiction,


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Children Watch Television Too Much

Watching television is popular all over the world because you get not only information but also entertainment. Some people think that children should be able to watch the television as long as they want. It’s my opinion they should only be able to watch an hour or two a day with a parent monitoring what…



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Comparise of Television and Books Benefits

There’s a perception that books are good, while TV is baD. It is a common belief that all television gives us is entertainment and no knowledge whereas reading books makes us more intelligent and improves our brain power. Why is this a belief? Why is television said to be useless and something which does not…

Reading Books,


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Preferences of Watching Television Programmes, Time Spent and It’s Effects on Emotional Satisfaction

Introduction In present time, the media has become a major source of communication. Television has evolved as potential source of entertainment, as well as important means to get knowledge, information if I say, nowadays television is an indicator, entertainer, a powerful means to pass-time specially for housewives and amazingly providing experience of life Before TV…




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The Significance of Television Programmes on Teenagers

While some individuals believe that there is no educational value of television programmes on teenagers in the twenty first century, a study by André H. Caron has shown that documentaries can help develop critical thinking about society and the world, watching the news can educate teenagers on current issues and can help young people be…


Communication Skills,


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Diversity Management in America Today

In the mid-1980’s, the concept of diversity begun in North America and slowly spreading in the other countries. Diversity means that everyone is unique in their own ways and recognizing our differences. Diversity management, on the other hand, refers to actions in an organization which promotes inclusion of employees having different experiences into an organization’s…






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Influence of Television on Children Behavior

Almost in every home, there is a television. Therefore, many people watch television every day, and it is one of their favorite activities. Children, for example, are considered top viewers of television. However, it is believed that what children watch on television influences their behavior for three key reasons. The first reason is that watching…




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TV and Film

I have a connection of TV and Film because I like to watch Netflix and in soccer when season starts sometimes we watch film. I also watch film when I am not in season because it helps me learn more important things in film. So, here is how TV and Film were made. In 1950s,…




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Watching Television is a Detriment to Language Development among Children

Communication is paramount in life. That is why language development is an extremely important aspect of children growth. Children learn how to communicate from their environment. Therefore, if the environment is conducive for the children to develop language then children will learn language swiftly. Where the environment is not conducive then the children have a…

Child Development,



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Television More Popular than Ever

Television is a form of entertainment we are all familiar with. Since its creation in 1927, its popularity has raised exponentially. It advertises businesses, runs shows, plays music and introduces us to many different things. Television, like all things, has its con list next to its pro list. Here is a comparison of the pros…



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