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Ben Esther’s New Twist

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Climate Change



“A New Climate,” by Ben Esther, describes a mission to Mars roughly 500 years in the future. The entirety of the story takes place onboard the ship, narrated in the form of the ship’s log. Instead of showing the captain’s unfiltered thoughts, this narrative only shows the reader what he wants them to see in…

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Essay on Deadliest Tornadoes Review

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In the year 2011 the united states experienced a traumatic season where tornadoes occur in a lot of places.The destruction this country has experienced killed more than 550 people. This video Deadliest Tornadoes depicts the journey of survivors, researchers,and storm chasers.Scientist try to understand what forces caused these tornadoes to happen and what they can…

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Gerald Desmond Bridge Vs Rialto Bridge

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Rialto Bridge is made of stone and is elected across the Grand Canal. The conditions on the ground resulted to collapse of the work on several occasions. It is located on alluvial soil which normally consolidated and the surroundings are slowly sinking and these resulted in the collapse of the bridge. The level of the…

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A Night in the Sonoran Desert 

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There is something special about the Sonoran Desert during every season, but what’s better is what happens after the sun goes down. Once the sun sets on our Arizona landscape, the air becomes cooler and the flora and fauna put on a show. The night continues to cool until the sun rises again. The air…

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Vacation Near Beautiful Lake Tahoe

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Winter Break

Looking at the far edge of the horizon stretching out directly in front of me, I held my breath. The small, purple hills I could see at the edge of the highway slowly gave way into increasingly larger blue, snow-capped mountains looming. Even at a tender young age of six, I could understand and appreciate…

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Towards a Natural System of Organisms

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Proposal for the domains Archaea, Bacteria, and Eucarya SUMMARY Prior classification of organisms fundamentally relied on classical phenotypes, complex morphologies, and detailed fossil records. However; with advancements made in molecular biology during the 20th century, Woese et. al proposed a new organismal classification at the highest level termed “domains”. The three proposed domains that encompass…

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Events That Negatively Affected the Late 1800S and Early 1900S

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During the late 1800s and early 1900s several major tragic events occurred which negatively impacted the times and caused a great number of deaths. One such tragedy was the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which resulted in a densely populated area built with highly combustible area. Another such tragedy made exponentially worse by the failure…

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Statistics of People on Board the Titanic

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Approximately 800,000 years ago, the first sea-worthy boats were erected by numerous Homo Erectus tribes scattered amongst Tropical Rainforests in Southeast Asia. These Pre- Historic rafts which were woven together through local plants for concepts and languages to travel and form new transportation systems. However, these primitive expeditions would expand in their respective technology and…

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Humans Are Slowly Killing the Environment

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Picture this, a day on the beach. Waves crashing along the sand, children laughing and screaming while running away from the water with friends or family. Parents enjoying their much needed time of relaxation in the sun and a man selling slushed lemonade from a cart. Maybe your perfect getaway is not envisioned at the…

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Essay on Water Management

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Water Conservation

Our Earth consists of around 71% water. However, only 2.5% of this substance is fresh, which reduces to as little as 0.5% that is available for use. Yet a mass of people still believe water is readily accessible, and not soon to be consumed. There are places on Earth where water seems to be limitless,…

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