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The Mid-Night Massacre

The wind whistled and a small gust of air rushed through the crack in my window hitting my sweaty face. I woke up gasping for air. I had the nightmare again. I looked at my clock which read 3:00 A.M. It was the first day of school but every time I woke up like this…


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A Case Study in Padena, Semirom, Isfahan, Iran

Using GMM-SAR model in combination with improved PSO algorithm for identifying and analyzing spatially effective factors in landslide susceptibility mapping: a case study in Padena, Semirom, Isfahan, Iran Abstract In the present study, Generalized Method of Moments estimation for Spatial Autoregressive model (GMM-SAR), Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) with tri-cube distance weighting kernel, Logistic Regression (LR)…



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Stars In The Night

“Ari!!! Run!” That’s the only memory i have of my mother. She was a beautiful wolf. Her sleek brown fur, her green wondering eyes. I look nothing like her. I have brown, plain eyes, with black fur. All black. My mother had died by the teeth of a dark he-wolf with brooding dark brown eyes….



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Positive and Negative Garbage at the State Level

When it comes to littering as a state, local and nation problem, it welcomes positive and negative externalities. The federal will then need to waste time enforcing littering prevention laws along with waste money in order to maintain a clean country (negative). Household, the surroundings are to be safer as well as cleaner for everyone,…




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Reasons to Reduce Light Pollution

On Thursday, October 4, 2018, I visited the university’s planetarium. I spent some time on selecting which video to watch, but I decided on the ‘Losing the Dark’ because it seemed interesting. I have never been in the planetarium before, however, the atmosphere was beautiful. It was dark and there was no one other than…

Light Pollution,


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Night At The Movies

In Kevin Costner’s motion picture Dances With Wolves, a white veteran of the Civil War, John Dunbar, ventures to the American frontier, where he encounters a tribe of Sioux Indians. At first, both parties are quite wary and almost hostile to each other, but after some time, Dunbar realizes that they have both grown to…




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 The Summer Olympics Are Changing

The summer Olympics have evolved around the world since the 1800 due to a desire for more sports, more equal rights, and world conflict. The first reason the Olympics have changed was a desire for more sports, because of this several extra sports have been added to the Olympics since 1996, the first modern Olympics,…

Nazi Germany,



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Water Conflict

INDIA-CHINA WATER DISPUTE Brahmaputra River originates in Tibet which is a part of China, and from there it flows into India. China is building many dams on the river in order to control the flow of water from river, and which it can use for its additional gain, and later on to act as hydro…


Water Conservation

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Tobacco Products Are the Most Littered Item

Tobacco products makeup for over thirty percent of the things collected during an urban and international coastal cleanup. This makes it the most littered item on the earth. But this doesn’t include the twenty four percent of total debris collected in our oceans and in our waterways. Most smokers admit to throwing these products such…




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Representations Of The Protagonist of This Story

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe begins by introducing the main character of this story, Okonkwo. Okonkwo is a strong and wealthy warrior of the Umofia clan. He was well respected because he was the ideal man of their tribe, in that he was extremely masculine and an extraordinary wrestler. However, he was ignorant when…


Things Fall Apart

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