7 Mistakes That Make Your Skin Worse in Summer

Updated May 14, 2022

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7 Mistakes That Make Your Skin Worse in Summer essay

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If you don’t want the skin to deteriorate, avoid the following mistakes.

Do not use sunscreen: The products make up on the market today contain the SPF index so many of you often skip this step. However, this is harmful to the skin as such products cannot replace a dedicated sunscreen. Sunscreen also helps prevent aging so you don’t forget to use them every day.

Skip the Moisturizing step: People often misunderstood that the skin is heavily emptying by oil, so moisturizing is not necessary. This is an entirely wrong mindset. Many excess oil is caused by inadequate moisturizing. In hot sunny summers, the skin is easy to fall into dehydration. Therefore, if you want a layer of natural makeup, smooth, not mold, you should use more appropriate moisturizing products.

Using silicone-containing linings: whether silicone contained in linings has an oil-alkaline effect and blurring pores, their regular use during the summer will cause your skin to be squash and acne. Therefore, you should choose water-type creams to make your skin more breathable and healthy.

Choose Inappropriate foundation Cream: People often do not notice how to choose the appropriate seasonal foundation, summer cream for the winter and vice versa. This will affect your makeup and harm your skin. So, in summer, you should choose the foundation cream products with lightweight texture and good alkali oil to have a perfect background layer.

Excessive use of pollen: you often think using a lot of pollen will make the skin less secretory. However, mileage too many layers will cause the skin to be squash, dry and mold. Instead, females can use oil-repellent paper, while using mineral sprays to get their skin in timely water. Therefore, oil-blotting paper and mineral spray are also two essential products for hot summers.

Excessive use of bronze: the bronze-coloured chalk will add to the charm. However, you also have to be careful when using the summer as hot weather can reveal the bowl and cause the chalk to become a smonous. For added safety, you should use bright warm tones to help increase youth like orange and pink…

Do not use water-proof products: water-proof cosmetics are the ‘weapons’ of harm that help you unleash your play in the summer. These are products that are heavily used by celebrities during outdoor or underwater photography sessions. So, your sister society let’s pack your own water-proof make up products to be confident of having fun in the rain.

7 Mistakes That Make Your Skin Worse in Summer essay

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