Curiosity Drives Me

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Through the highs and lows of my life, I have consistently relied on curiosity to drive me. Although I can’t say that I’ve woken up every morning just bursting to do the hard things life throws at me, even in times when my optimism runs out, my curiosity about what will happen next pulls me back onto my feet. I might be truly terrified about failing in this upcoming chapter of my life, I am at least curious about how I’ll do out in the world, curious as to what being a big kid brings, and right now, that’s enough motivation for me to work towards being the best almost-adult possible.

I don’t have to force positivity about something that really is daunting, nor will I give into gloomy anxieties. I’ll simply have to push through long enough to find out what the future holds, and then do it again. I’m dying to know if I’ll marry someone tall and handsome, or if I’ll ever get to go to Africa, or maybe I’ll have a light blue house with plants on the windowsills.

Who knows? It could happen, or it might not, and I’ll only find out if I make it through today. If you’re doing it right, life can feel like a well-written book. It’d be boring if things were perfect all the time, and sometimes a cliffhanger will push you to read for longer than you thought you could, and then you get the satisfaction of seeing the resolution. Without fail, a new exciting adventure will come along, and you can’t just stop there! So I won’t stop, and I’m determined to turn the next page, even if that page is going to a 12 hour work day, or writing a hundred essays to earn a scholarship.

My relentless curiosity pushed me to teach myself fluency in foreign languages, to learn all the bones in my body, and all sorts of exciting, senseless things. I push myself because I want to know if I can earn my way to my dream college, or if I’ll wake up again tomorrow. I’ll never know unless I work for it, and isn’t that just the most exciting and mysterious thing you’ve ever heard? If I get a flat tire on my wedding day, I’m not gonna be too chuffed about it am I?

Positivity might not take me too far in this situation, but I’ll definitely be dying to know if I’ll make it to my own wedding, or if my husband-to-be will be waiting for me there, and inevitably my eagerness for a resolution will get me where I want to be, one way or another. That irresistible inquisitivity in all of us will never let me go, and it pushes me to take on tomorrow every single day.

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