Beach as a Location for Vacation

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Tirelessly working day after day makes the anticipation for time off all the much more imperative, so the decision of where to take a getaway shouldn’t be taken lightly. Influential factors can be the cost and convenience, but when it comes to making a conclusive decision, book a memorable and action packed getaway that everyone will enjoy. With an expected 79% of American families to travel this year, don’t let yourself experience the same old roadtrip. The beach and the mountains are the most popular visiting sights, but which will make it more your worthwhile?

The most important part of a vacation is the location. When deciding if youd like to relax in te sand or hiking to peaks of mountains for a secluded and breathtaking destination, you must compare. A person could walk what seems hours on the beach, only to see a boring panoramic view where the sand meets the ocean. However, the mountains hold miles and miles of untouched trails winding through breathtaking wonders awaiting your arrival. The beach can seem like a lonely place. However, the mountains are vividly alive and you never seem to be alone. Listen to birds chirping and the sound of wind soaring. If you enjoy photography, boy do I have news for you. With each turn of your head there are Mountain towns are generally less populated than beach towns. Don’t get stuck in a crowd of hundreds of people all trying to get the best spot on the beach. In the mountains, there are no “best” spots. At night, gaze upon the millions of stars, certainly not visible from populated city lights accompanied the beach. As seasons change, so does the landscape; from snow capped mountains to an ever changing palette of colors of leaves. As for the beach, it always seems to stay the same, no matter what the season. The views are one of the best parts of a vacation, but it’s also what you do.

People are hardwired for the passion of adventure and traveling may just be the best way to bring it into play. There is so much to explore and an abundance of liveliness activities to engage the whole family in the mountains. There are multiple options ranging from hiking to waterfalls or rivers, biking, skiing, and rock climbing all while breathing in the fresh crisp air. There is not much to do at the beach other than sit in the hot, humid air while gradually being cooked by the sun. Swimming, tanning,gie boarding is a choice at the beach, but that’s not what a vacation is about. You want to try and experience new things! White river rafting, horseback riding, fishing, building campfires, or bathing in nature’s spa- hot springs are also options. A bonus, you can bring your dogs along for the fun. There is a small percentage of beaches where dogs are allowed. There are so many activities to build memories in a tranquil envormoent all while being surrounded by never before seen diversity of plant and animal life.

With nature, comes wildlife, and there’s nothing more exciting than seeing these beautiful creatures up close. Narrowing it down to California, gaze upon bears, mountain lions, species of birds, elk, beavers, sheep, coyotes, foxes,and bison in there natural habitats. Both these destinations have a vast variety of animals, but what can you really see at the beach? Seagulls annoyingly hovering awaiting the chance where they can nosedive into your food. May there be a chance there are dolphins, remember to bring your binoculars, only to watch their fins rise to the surface of the water every few moments. However, there is much more to be seen in the boundless mountain regions. My first encounter with a deer was one I will always remember. They are so friendly and will eat right out of your hand. Depending on where you live, you never know what critters you may encounter.

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