Letter from Midigama Beach

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How are you doing? I think you’re doing fine. All of us are spending a great time here. How is it in England? Is it snowing these days? It’s the same weather condition for us all the time. If it changes it only changes from sun shine to rain, never snow. Therefore we never get a chance to play with snow, to build a snowman. Now you have a brief idea about the weather of my country. I’m writing this letter to tell you about my holiday plans for next month.

As I’ve said before it’s been really nice and lovely here in these days. Therefore I and a group of my friends have decided to go to beachside and stay there for upcoming weekend. Sri Lanka is an island which has plenty of beautiful, heart touching beaches. It’s been really hard for us to find the correct beach which fits us. Because most of those beaches were very beautiful, had lovely views and were astonishing. Anyhow after a very long debate among our friends we’ve decided to go to Secret Beach Mirissa which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.

We are going to have so much fun. I can say you it for sure. There are so many activities around this place. From palm tree rope swings in Dalawella to surfing at Midigama Beach, these are just some of the awesome things that we can expect! You may not know where is this beautiful beach is been situated. Well, it’s a little hidden gem just around the corner from the main beach in Mirissa, which is on the south-east tip that makes up Weligama Bay. Including me there will be six of us all together. So we leave in the Friday morning and will reach there by night. We will travel by train. Maybe one of ours parents could participates too. So I’ll write you more when we got there. And don’t forget to visit this beautiful beach if you had a chance in near future.


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