On a Beach With a Family Creative Essay

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One summers day a family of five decided to go down to the beach for a nice day out for something nice to do. They woke up and got out of bed and had breakfast. They packed their bag full of the things that they wanted to take for their trip down at the beach. Then went they thought that they had everything they walked out the door and walked towards the beach.

As they walked to the beach, they were talking about what they wanted to do when they got to the beach. The younger brother, the older brother and the dad wanted to go for a swim in the water. The mother and the daughter wanted to stay on the beach and have a sunbake which whenever they went down to the beach is what they really enjoyed doing. They reached the beach with happy smiles and excitement to get into the water for a swim and to sunbake in the nice warm summers day when the weather was particularly hot. They sat down on the sand and set up all the things on the sand and the two boys and the dad went down to the water for a lovely swim. They were lovely their swim at the beach, which they were swimming the mother and the daughter were setting up the rest of the things and getting the lunch ready. Lovely ham and cheese sandwiches were laded out and strawberries shortcake laided the bowl with their lovely pink colour and strawberry on top. After two hours of swimming in the water the two girls called the boys and the dad in for some lunch. “Yummy” said the boy, his mouth watery as he looked at the food.

The others were hungry too and they ate up their food hungry and they were glad for it because it filled them up really nicely. After lunch the mother said, “now you boys must wait 30 minutes before you go back in the water because you have just eaten”. “Fine” said the dad and the two boys. They waited 30 minutes and then they ran back down to the water again with the same excitement as before. But this time they did not realise that they tide had changed at that the rips were stronger now. They kept on swimming and shouted out with excitement about how much fun they were having in the water. One of the boys is swimming at suddenly gets caught in a rip and is slowly getting pulled out to sea. But he does not realised it yet. He is getting pulled out to sea fast. The dad turns around and realises that his boy is getting pulled out the sea. He quickly tries to swim towards him trying to catch the boy. But every stroke he takes the boys is getting pulled further out to sea. The dad is trying as hard as he can to catch up with the boy. Then the mother soon realises what is happening and starts screaming. Then the daughter asks what is happening and all the mother saying is look out there.

The daughter looks and sees one of his brothers getting pulled out to sea by a rip. Then she started to get worried that she will never see her brother again. While this is happening, the dad is still trying to reach his son who is getting pulled out to sea, but he is starting to get really tired. He looks up to see his sons going further out to sea in the rip.


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How do families have fun on the beach?
Families have fun on the beach by playing games like volleyball or frisbee, building sandcastles, swimming, and enjoying a picnic. They can also go for a walk, collect seashells, or simply relax and soak up the sun.
What is the best family beach to go to?
The best family beach to go to would be one that is safe for children, with a shallow and calm water area.
What things can be done on a beach?
There are many things that can be done on a beach. Swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and building sandcastles are only a few of the possibilities.
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