My Experience at Fiji Beach

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It was a bright dazzling morning, on the tropical beach of Fiji. How the day was calm. She noticed the wind stirring up, the ocean starting to grow as the waves turned colossal covering up the sand all in a second. Then, that’s how it all began.

She removed her airpods and clicked them back into the white case. Her bright yellow crop top stood out in the large mirrors reflection she was also wearing a white pair of pristine white shorts which complemented her in every way. She looked at her phone and checked her social media. Then she went to grab her blue kanken backpack which was on her window sill. She put on her white platform converse, and was about to leave through the door but felts as something was missing, her airpods she hurried to get them and before putting them on she heard a roaring sound. There was no birdsong or animal noise just white noise like a television jet when it is not turned in or a radio station, unturned in a tunnel. So she left out and went to the beach were she noticed.

Dark grey clouds started to form and filled the soon to be grey sky. When she looked at the vas rouge ocean she saw a white foam line starting to look like a lion reaching out to capture his prey trying to trap as much as possible under his large paws. The sun seekers on the bright yellow sand she stood still with their gaping mouths wide open. But on the other hand you could here and sense screams of terror and frustration yelling their last goodbyes before the large roar of water swallowed the sound whole.

The girls mind was swamped with emotions that glued her to her spot she looks around and sees no escaping her minds lost “ what’s going to happen next? Is this my last breath? I flew my life but know I can’t seem to fly.” then I here a scream but not a normal scream the familiar voice of someone screaming with agony. It was Faith reaching out to me screaming “ hope run!! It’s coming!!!”

How could I not notice this. Then it all came to mind my puzzle was solved but when i tried to move my body wouldn’t budge. My mind was screaming but I stood there not knowing what to do. It all crossed my mind all my memories, my laughs and cries. As the wave grew.

As I watched the water slowly absorb me like fingers wanting to trap me that seemed to grow longer as every moment passed I was blank, shocked, but wanting to see what would happen next. As I saw the vast wave going on top of me as if it were a mantel covering me up. Lifting me up and down taking me to wherever the currents desire. The tension increased as I realised were I am and my anxiety started to accumulate and I began to worry fighting back the current wanting to get out. It reached me I had to think what can I do with little time my breath began to waste and bubbles of air reaching out to the surface.

But I was still sinking and swaying not being able to control anything. My heart was pounding as every second passed seemed like an hour. I was screaming in my mind “when will this be over” I then started to feel pressure in my ears this was the meaning that I had to get up and reach the surface. I swam up with all my strength the currents wave getting the better of me as I Finally reached the top and got a breath that as my relife and my wanting. Then after the wave moving and sending me to the rocks I Began to swim. Swimming for my life I went under the water to escape from the currents and use the last energy that I had my last breath and it was all I could think about just trying to survive seeing all the sea waste hitting against me and seaweed tangled up in my ankles like snakes attached to me.

Curled up with sand flying everywhere. Then it hit me and that’s when it all began.


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