Adoption Instead Abortion

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Abortions happen quite frequently. From 1978-1997, America averaged 1.3 million legal abortions per year. In 2014, 652,639 legal induced abortions were reported to CDC from 49 reporting areas. There are all sorts of reasons why women decide to have an abortion, but some decisions are better than others. There are all sorts of feelings that come with having an abortion as well.

After is is done some do not regret at all what they did. Others on the other hand, feel tons of guilt, sadness, and they regret their decision. Abortion should not be legal at all in any country, state, or city, because it is practically killing an unborn child, giving up opportunities for the chances that baby had for adoption to start a life with someone who wanted them, and can also cause major mental problems to the mother.

Making a decision is common, but killing an unborn child shouldn’t be one. The U.S government considers an unborn child a human being, therefore it has its right to life, and a chance to become someone. The Unborn Victims of Violence Act, was an act made to protect unborn babies from being killed and assaulted. It states that if the baby is killed or injured, that the mother, or whoever did something to harm the baby, should be punished. (Should Abortion be Legal).

Women are having abortions, but not being punished, which is not right. While having an abortion, things physically happen to the baby. It is not a peaceful thing for the baby at all. At 20 weeks the baby is crushed into pieces and then moves through the birth canal feeling pain all the way through. At 25 weeks the baby is stabbed with a heart attack pill. (The shameful status of abortion law in America).

If the punishment would come into play, then there would be a lot more children given the chance to become something, rather than dying and not even seeing the world. With the pain given to the unborn child, there is also a fine given to those who give them illegally. The woman or whoever is involved with the illegal abortion is a fine to $1,000 and imprisonment 1 to 5 years (Class A misdemeanor). (Arkansas Abortion Laws).

Abortions take away multiple things. Women may think they aren’t taking away a life that was worth something, but they really are. If the mother doesn’t want the baby, she should give it up for adoption. When the babies are given up for adoption, they are given a chance at life to become something, given the opportunity for another family to come along and make them apart of their family, and just given the right to life in general.

There are millions of parents in America that are wanting to adopt kids and give them lives they deserve.(Persons seeking to adopt). A lot of women can’t have children, so adoption is their only shot at getting children. Over the years, since abortion has been legal, the number of adoptions have gone down. Taking away babies lives lessens the chance that others have at adopting those unwanted.

Before abortion was even legal, the only way women got rid of the child was adoption, or they illegally killed the baby inside of them. Most were given up for adoption because that type of cruelty was not even thought of back then. The mothers gave those children up to those who wanted children, and abortion was never in the picture.

When the 1970’s came around, that’s when adoption started going downhill and still to this day is still downhill. Abortion was legalized at that time, and there went the number of adoptions rolling down that hill. In 1971 there were 90,000 adoptions made, and in 2014 there were 18,329 adoptions made. (USA Faces Critical Adoption Shortage)

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