Abortion Should Be Legal

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The argument of abortion has been debated for 10 plus years and is still a subject matter among todays society. Many women have tried to terminate their pregnancies because they believe now is not the right time to step into motherhood. Many are under the impression that they are too young to become a mother. In order to face this obstacle, they make the decision of aborting their unborn child. The controversy around if abortion should be legal or not, continues to segregate Americans after the Supreme Courts, 7-2 decision between Roe vs Wade that then led to the action of fundamental rights on January 22, 1973, where Wade won by 49. Women have the right to choose abortion.

According to people of pro-choice, women do not become pregnant by intentions. It is unjust to force women to continue with their pregnancies even when they do not want to carry out with it. Nonetheless, I slowly came to realization that legal abortions play a very important role in women’s lives. I agree that abortions should be legal because it’s always going to be a woman’s choice and it is also a woman’s body.

Unsafe, Injury, Death

Pro-life activist are going against all cases of abortions. Although lawmakers are trying to make abortions illegal, they do not possess the power to stop women. When a women has made the choice that she is not ready to have children she will make the decision to have an abortion and no one can stop her from making that decision. Women will then do everything in secret no matter the circumstances. Permitted by Daniel R. Mishell, Jr MD, Chair of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Keck school of medicine, University of Southern California in the twenty years before abortion became legal in the United States; up to a million women had illegal abortions. Women would regularly try to coax abortions by using knitting needles, radiator flush, or by going to see back-alley abortionists. (Morrison 150-153). There were hundreds of adults and teens who died and thousands of deaths were caused by unsafe and illegal abortion procedures, all in the year 1979.

After Roe vs Wade had legalized abortion nationwide by 1976, the number soon dropped down (Cates 7). The World Health Organization predicted that unsafe abortions were the cause of 68,000 of maternal deaths worldwide each year, those that were in developing countries where safe and legal abortion services are challenging to come across. (Ahman & Shah 11). Legal abortions are protecting women’s health but also lives . Women are much more healthy when they experience a legal abortion. There are women who are not ready to enter motherhood and having an abortion gives them a chance to make the right choices when they decide to have children. Raising a child or becoming a parent is not an easy task, and calls for patience along with a social and emotional bond with the child. If women feel like they are not ready to develop a bond like that or they are not ready to become a mother in general, then the pregnancy is going to be rejected. Then the child will grow in a damaging environment when care and stability that a child needs (Ahman & Shah 23). Within that situation abortion should be legal.

Age, Crime and Health Issues

Legal abortions is the safe and important way for many women. Sometimes it isn’t the most convenient time for a woman to become a mother due to her circumstances. In addition woman turn to abortions when their pregnancy is the outcome of crimes like, child abuse, incest, and or rape. If a woman chooses to not have a baby within her situation, she should have the right to abort the unborn fetus. Those who do carry out with their pregnancies will see their child as a symbol of pain remembering that they were raped. Aborting the child is the better decision, both the woman and the child can die due to the amount of stress they both will face, therefore aborting the child could save the mother’s life. An abortion does not correspond to murder or taking a life because the fetus is not a legal person. In other words a fetus is somewhat compared to someone who is already deceased or non existing, so somewhat dead.

Anti-abortion position is most likely established on religious beliefs. Religious ideology should not be the authority for law. The process of abortion is also dependent on your social class status because the women who are higher in wealthy have the power to travel out of state or country and find a place where abortion is legal, unfortunately women who aren’t as financially stable as others do not have the ability to leave the country and or state to find legalized abortions.

Being able to have a legal abortion is necessary because contraceptives are not always accessible to women, a prescription is needed in order to contain forms of birth control. According to Center of Disease Control, up to date abortion methods are approved and safe. It is now less than 1 in 100,000 that a woman will die from an abortion, the risk of a woman losing her life from giving birth is at 13.3 deaths out of 100,000 pregnancies (Reinhard) Legalizing abortions could is what gives couples the ability to choose if they would like to bring a child into the world or not and being able to avoid having children with life-threatening conditions. Legalizing abortions could also benefits woman’s health, there are many women who do suffer from sickle cells and other diseases, with the availability of legal abortions are helping with medical difficulties that could’ve appeared from childbirth. “

“Many children are born with severe disorders, and they die before or after birth. This includes the missing brain, organs develop outside the body, and Down Syndrome.”(Harmon). Stated by Deborah Anne Driscoll, MD Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Pennsylvania. Having to carry a fetus with fatal congenital birth defects into the world should be illegal.


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