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Breastfeeding Health Message Aming Students

Introduction to the study Breastfeeding is the process of nourishing an infant with human milk through either direct suckling or feeding with expressed breast milk. The human milk contains all the required nutrients that the infant may require for better growth and improvement of survival rates. Health message on breastfeeding to the post delivered mothers…




Exclusive Breastfeeding for 6 Months – Protection Against Gastro Intestinal Infections

Human milk is the preferred milk for all infants, including premature and sick newborns, with rare expectation. It is a secretion of the mammary gland of changing compositions. It changes with time of day and during the course of lactation. It consists of nutrients, such as proteins, lipids, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Breastfeeding…


Breastfeeding and Health is a Matter

Parents are forced to make challenging decisions concerning their infants’ nutritional development. It is crucial that parents, especially mothers, are informed about the different ways in which they may feed their child so that they have the right to make informed decisions regarding their infant. One of these decisions includes whether to breastfeed or bottle…



Prevalence and Knowledge of Exclusive Breastfeeding

Prevalence and knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding among Saudi mother in Dammam, KSA Introduction: Breast feeding is the natural and ideal method of feeding infant, it has an essential elements and nutrients for baby healthy growth and development (Alsulaimani et al.,2019), as well as mother health, lactating mother has decrease blood loss, lower risk of anemia,…


Breastfeeding in Public

A women’s right or crime women were blessed with the ability to offer the most natural and beautiful act a mother can do for her child. Breastfeeding is a treasurable bond shared between a mother and a child. There are many great benefits of breastfeeding for the mothers especially. Controversy arises when nursing mothers choose…


Why Breastfeeding Education is Vital

LITERATURE REVIEW: This literature review will address why breastfeeding education is vital to new mothers. Throughout history, breastfeeding has been a healthy method of feeding to ensure survival. Scriptures refer to the importance of breastfeeding in biblical times as breastfeeding was the first priority of mothers until later in infancy and was referred to as…


The World Health Organization (WHO) Recommends Breastfeeding

Introduction The benefits for both infant and maternal health are well documented. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of life and continuation of breastfeeding for up to two years of age (Breastfeeding, 2018). The nutrients provided by breast milk are suited for growth and development of the infant…


Breastfeeding is Safest, Cheapest, Best Protective

Breast milk, a renewable resource which cannot be replaced is the nature’sprecious gift to the newborn. It meets the biological process in the right proportions forgrowth and development moreover as emotional and psychological needs of the infant.Breastfeeding is safest, cheapest, best protective and easily digestible food for infants thatforestalls deficiency and helps in holistic development…


Study on Knowledge – Breastfeeding

The country based cross-sectional study to explore the prevalence and factors associated with exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months of an infant’s life in Bangladesh. The prevalence of EBF for first 6 months of an infant’s life in Bangladesh was 35.90%.The study establish that approximately lower educated mothers were more likely to exclusively breastfeed their…


Relationship Between Breastfeeding Difficulties and Maternal Anxiety

Background Promoting optimum breastfeeding for infants and reducing maternal and childhood mortalities have remained a significant interest for the international community for decades. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it is recommended that a mother should initiate breastfeeding within the first hour after birth, exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, and continued breastfeeding…



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