Two Sides of Abortions

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The word abortion simply saying it leaves an uneasy feeling and bad taste in your mouth literary speaking. Abortions happen constantly and some future fathers and mothers are ecstatic, and some are devastated. I feel like abortions is someone’s choice and a woman have rights like a man, but who should set laws to ensure safety? Most importantly leaving the future mother uncertainness and even destroyed with abortion in mind. Having the right resources and knowledge is vital in the abortions procedure which I find a difficult thing to endure but to each’s own choice right? So, let us begin.

Abortion was illegal when women have little to no rights over what they said, or desired and certainly no control over their right to give birth or not. Even still generations of women persisted in the need to control the number of children they would have. In a time where birth control was ineffective, or an unwanted pregnancy is inevitable. Many women have died by trying to have illegal abortions. You would like to believe that these deaths were a direct result of abortion is illegal, but this is not true. Even though not even place the blame solely on the abortion laws, these laws did play a part. Had there been no laws banning abortion a woman not having to feel shame or scared about what it would do to her family on a social standard if it ever got out that she aborted would have gotten medical attention when complications arose due to the procedure. Now let’s look at both sides of the debate today.

Pro-choice is the view that a woman should control her fertility and the choice to continue or cease a pregnancy. Which guaranteeing reproductive rights, which includes access to sexual education, a safe and legal abortion, contraception, and fertility treatments, and legal protection from forced abortion. Everyone and organizations who support these positions make up the pro-choice movement.

Pro-choice is a personal choice, as it involves a woman’s body, personal health, and future. Parents’ and children’s lives are better when abortions are legal, preventing going desperate lengths to obtain illegal abortions. Pro-choice beliefs involve women’s liberty, reproductive freedom, and reproductive rights. Pro-choice individuals often ignore themselves “pro-abortion” because they consider abortion a bodily autonomy and find forced abortion to be as legally indefensible as the outlawing of abortion. Many are even opposed to some or all abortions on a moral basis but believe that banning abortion puts a woman’s health at risk. Others have a practical acceptance of abortion, arguing that abortion would happen in any case, but that the legal abortion under medical supervision is better than the illegal back alley abortion without medical supervision.

I believe the most compelling argument of the Pro-Choice side of this issue, would be that by having abortion legal it would eliminate the chance of the death of a woman trying to have an illegal abortion which goes wrong. Or even women that would feeling no other option available try to induce a miscarriage on their own. I feel is that abortion providers should offer quality care to woman despite hostility, harassment, and threats of violence. I feel they should advise that reproductive health care providers undertake comprehensive security measures to keep staff and patients safe. Now let’s look at the other side of the looking glass at the pro-life side of the debate.

The pro-life movement around opposition to abortion, and support for the legal banning of elective abortion. Those involved in the movement generally maintain that human fetuses and embryos are people and have a right to life. Pro-life individuals generally believe that human life should be valued either from fertilization or implantation until natural death. From that viewpoint, any action which destroys an embryo or fetus kills a person. Any deliberate destruction of human life is considered ethically or morally wrong. In some cases, these beliefs extend to opposing abortion of fetuses that would almost certainly expire within a short time after birth. Attachment to a pro-life position is often but not exclusively connected to religious beliefs about the sanctity of life. Most pro-life supporters feel that the government should not fund abortions. Pro-life supporters also feel that statistics shows that the emotional fallout after abortion can be just as devastating as postpartum depression.

In response to it is a woman’s body their choice, I believe every mother is face with profound decisions to make for themselves and their child but believe these decisions can never include the choice to kill their children. Growing up if you were to become pregnant you are removed from school and take care of your child hopefully able to focus and graduate. No one wants to go thru that, so an abortion would be the escape route for lots of young females.

Most church town in my experience of being raised in and most of America don’t believe in abortion but giving the thought a young pregnant woman is most forced to have an abortion because the parents or parent feel the child brings shame and should erase the mistake. Getting an abortion is risky regardless and can even cause issues soon. From abortion is the answer for an unwanted pregnancy of a rape or incest, many believe that by having a woman choose abortion is putting mother against child, and that in these cases the child ends of being the second victim in an already unthinkable crime. Meanwhile, mothers who found support to carry their children to term, whether they opted for adoption or to raise the child themselves felt that they had turned something horrible into something good. Now setting it in place so that that allowing abortions in extreme circumstances such as issues where the mother’s life is in danger if the pregnancy continues, or where the pregnancy was by rape or cases where the unborn child have medical issues such a birth defect.

After looking at it from both sides of the fence, it is hard to place my feet firmly on either side. I believe in the right of a woman’s choice. I believe a woman should be in full control and say over her own body. By the same token I could never see abortion as a means for myself in any situation. I know of women that do not practice any birth control and have had several abortions. Sometimes two and three in 1 year. To me this is like using abortion itself as a form of birth control. Which I find not only morally wrong but inexcusable.

We live in a time where birth control is not only effective but readily available to anyone that needs them. When it comes to this type of abuse of abortion I can sympathize with the pro-life side of the issue. What is certain, is that this can never be a black and white issue that both sides have compelling arguments. I believe that if both sides would look at the issue from an unbiased opinion that who could put laws into place that would protect both, the rights of a woman’s choice, and the rights of the unborn child.

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