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Birthrate and Aging Issues in Japan

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Birth Control


Recently, the declining birthrate and aging population problems are becoming a significant social argument. According to *JICA, this trend has accelerated since the beginning of the 21st century, at the same time it causes some serious social issues. Also, this fact has the greatest impact on today’s Japanese society. (Kazihara, H. 2006) This essay will…

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Aging of the Skin

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The aging of the skin is a complex process reflecting both intrinsic and extrinsic influences. It is clinically characterized as features of sagging skin, wrinkles, sunspots, and uneven skin tone. Many interacting factors influence the biology behind this process, namely, genetics, one’s environment, psychological changes, and social influences. For many years it has also been…

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Sadness and Aging

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We all feel sad sometimes but that does not mean we are depressed. Sadness is a normal part of life and makes life more interesting. Sadness helps up appreciate happiness. However, it can also turn into depression. Being able to tell the difference might be useful in taking action to seek resources to help improve…

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Aging Society in USA

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An aging society will have a huge impact on the future of health care delivery. The aging population is not only America but the world is growing very quickly. According to WHO, the number of individuals who are 65 years of age or older is expected to grow to nearly 1.5 billion by 2050, the…

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Aging and Older Adults Policies

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Various structural and functional changes accompany healthy human aging. Older adults experience deterioration in fundamental and technical capacities in many physiological systems of the body. The age-related physiological alterations cause a variety of effects in body tissues, organ systems, and functions which collectively hinder the healthy living of an individual (Bouchard, Blair, & Haskell, 2012)….

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Stereotypes on Aging and Sex

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I believe that there is a misconception when it comes to elders and their stereotype that as they age, they no longer have, want, or need sex. I think that people remain sexually active throughout their life span. Much like this cartoon. It appears that this elder couple is being interviewed by a reporter. When…

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Geriatric or Aging Process

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Geriatric is also called the aging process, it is a natural phenomenon. The world’s population is early people due to increasing in life span and decreasing in the birth rate. India is not excepted to this demographic transition. It is shown that the proportion of Indians aged from 60 years and older will increase from…

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Aging and Health Care

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The government must ensure that each person is covered for essential health care. In Belize, there’s a demand for health care reforms particularly, for the expansion of Belize’s national health insurance (NHI). These reforms are expected to increase the health status of the population by improving the efficiency and quality of health care services and…

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Aging and Nowadays Technologies

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As we age, our body naturally changes. We can’t stop the process but with the technologies that we have today, we can slow down that process of aging. But sooner or later all the signs of aging will be visible. It’s the natural way of our bodies to behave. As an individual grows through infancy…

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Aging and Population Around the World

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Population Growth

For the United States and other parts of the world, the demographic future appears very different than it once did in the recent past. From the year 1950 to 2010 there was rapid growth with the U.S. doubling in population and globally the population nearly tripled. It is also projected that the population growth from…

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