Planned Parenthood and Abortion Can Lead to Social Welfare

Updated May 17, 2021

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Planned Parenthood and Abortion Can Lead to Social Welfare essay

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We have freedom of speech and the freedom of choice, why are we at debate whether abortion should be legal or illegal? It should be one’s right to choose how to distribute an adult act which of course is abortion. Abortion should not have to become an act for the government to get involve by force for a woman to feel pressure in deciding whether or not to abort rationally or irrationally. Moreover, making it legal and maintaining Planned Parenthood could lead to relieve followed by less complications and less pressure of a woman.

National Abortion Federation (Web.2018), “Abortion became legal in the United States of America on January 22, 1973”. Abortion became legal through the act of the Roe V. Wade which gave women the privacy to make their own personal decisions.The legalization of this law made women feel safer and confident of how they should act within their own body and fabricate their own personal decision making skills. According to Carol Joffe (2017) Hillary Clinton had a spoke at a women event in regards to the abortion rights of women, although Democrats were for abortion while the republicans were against abortion.

During this Women event, Democratic Clinton and Sanders support the legalization of abortion that is followed by planned parenthood as well. Moreover, during the campaign Clinton and Sanders were questioned of how they would act within the legalization and the limits that comes within of having an abortion. Hillary has always been a Planned Parenthood Supporter because she knows that woman deserves someones that is in there for them because a women reproductive life matters

To continue, Planned parenthood provide essential services for women not only reproductive health services including access for affordable family planning which includes cancer screenings and other health check ups. It is also intact for women to chose and make the most difficult and personal decisions women would face based on their faith, religion, or any medical advices women are given.

On behalf of the Affordable Care Act there is plenty of options for women to seek medical care which they did not have before however, Planned Parenthood still remains a very important part of the healthcare in its entirely for women.Clinton will always support and stand up for the right of every women to access a complete range of reproductive healthcare including abortion rights no matter the economic status.

According to BBC News (2018), there was a woman who was heading down on a road trip with her boyfriend, however they had to make a quick stop at a local drug store in order for her to get a pregnancy test, came to find out she was pregnant and she was devastated. She was a full time student and working many jobs to make ends meet. On the other hand, her boyfriend and herself cannot afford to have a child. However, during her road trip she had went to the closest abortion clinic which indeed was Planned Parenthood and she maintained her abortion. In contrast, if the young woman was not able to connect to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic she would be doomed to do what many of women do which is having an abortion of their own

Furthermore, according to Jessica Lussenhop (2018) in 2015 600,000 searches was found of phrases such as “how to have a miscarriage,”how to self abort”, and buy abortion pills online. Women performing self induced abortion is a dangerous because they do not have access to such services which is the reason due to maintain Planned Parenthood and maintaining the legalization of abortion. According to the World Health Organization (2017), 25 million of unsafe abortions occur every year. Women rights to receive an abortion is a huge issue in this world which leads to unsafe abortions.

Moreover, if Planned Parenthood is not a choice, available, or they do not have any other options due to there financial crisis of there unintended pregnancy they will take the risk of undergoing and performing a self induced abortion. Imagine for a moment you or a family member may be pregnant, it is unexpected, unplanned and you or they do not feel ready to raise a child hence, who to turn to.

Now imagine there is not an abortion clinic near by such as Planned Parenthood and you or they are so desperate to end the pregnancy without any help, you or they may ingest in drinking bleach, taking unhealthy herbal pills,or risking the lives of taking counterfeit abortion pills, we need to realize how unsafe and dangerous these harmful actions can react on a women body and their reproductive system, which kills many women.

According to Rachel K. Jones (2011) she seeks an estimated of 11.2 million women between the ages of fourteen and fifty five uses oral contraceptive pills which is about eighteen percent of women. On behalf of the contraceptive pill within the 18%, 49% of women uses it for more than one reason. 31% of women said they uses the oral contraceptive pill for dysmenorrhea which is the medical term for cramps, 28% of women uses it to regulated there menstrual cycle with excessive bleeding which is the medical term of menorrhagia and can lead to many problems such as anemia which is one of the most biggest threat. Furthermore, the oral contraceptive these women receive can also reduce acne and hair growth which is on the upper lips, lower stomach, and back which is all from Planned Parenthood.

Researched by CNN (2018), A young woman had died due to her cousin attempted an abortion on her, lately she was rushed to the hospital lying within a pool of blood and was pronounced dead after several hours after doing many things to resuscitate her. Leana Wen (2018)“ The threat to women’s health is the greatest public health catastrophe of our time. Planned Parenthood’s work by bringing affordable and accessible health care to as many women as possible, isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s the urgent thing to do”.

A women has plenty of reasons to have an abortion. The pregnancy can cause many complications to her own health perhaps the fetus the women has no way to survive for birth. On the other hand, some women are not ready for a child mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually which includes women who has been sexually assaulted, a victim of incest, or teen pregnancy. Caring for a baby after one of these traumatic incident can also be damaging to a woman mentally and physically.

Overall of the reasoning the women has she is not a murderer of making a choice of an abortion. Whether it is medical or social reasonings a women body is her own to do with what she pleases and what she deems fit. To continue on, taking away the right to oral contraceptive pills and abortion is unfair and risky to many women health because they significant so much more and they mean so much more. Women do not need to stand alone in this situation of fighting for their rights in fact everyone can stand up to help the government understand the rights of women with their bodys and its needs.

Moreover, if these politicians got a proper look of how these forms of contraceptives help foremost than the sexual side of things then they would understand why it is so important to stop writing bills and laws against them. All it takes is to vote against these bills, laws, and politicians who are trying to rule over a women right to their own body.

They are trying to eliminate the women rights to choose their own paths and chose their own decisions. We as a country or even as a state do not need to witness this injustice that take place. When laws are written we have to think about not just the obvious cases but the aberrant cases because we also have to think about when those laws can be misused and misinterpreted and they are many cases when a woman does not know she is pregnant until well into her pregnancy which needs be taken into consideration.

In contrast, there are cases of which women are victims of cohesion or abuse, maybe they feel pressure from their husband, their boyfriend, or a member from society to maintain the baby and they do not realize until later that they do not have the option of maintaining a baby due to financial difficulties, maybe they find out that there is a genetic abnormality in the baby and don’t have the means to the raise that baby. However, as stated above these emotional reasonings needs to be taken in account.

Sometimes abortion seems like the best choice for a women. Some may question why have an abortion and not adoption. Adoption can be a difficult choice of giving up a baby due to the women will go through many pain of their child thinking “why my mother did not want me “ ? “Why did she give me up”?. Moreover, Abortion should maintain legalized because due to all of the risk factors and effects it takes on for a women.

In closing, Abortion in society and in the media is portrayed as a sinful and disgusting crime against humanity. Abortion should not have to become an act for the government to get involve by force for a woman to feel pressure in deciding whether or not to abort rationally or irrationally. Moreover, making it legal and maintaining Planned Parenthood could lead to relieve followed by less complications and less pressure of a woman.

However, Roe VS Wade should maintain legal without overturning it because it made abortion legal and gave many women the opportunity to have a safe abortion. Furthermore, Before legalization many women were dying and getting serious injuries from unsafe abortions which was done by nonmedical personnel. Planned Parenthood offers the abortion option with counseling to make sure this is the best decision for women. The women is the vessel carrying this child and until this child is ready to come out of her, it is her body, it is her choice, and there are her rights.

Planned Parenthood and Abortion Can Lead to Social Welfare essay

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