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Difference Between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

First of all, it is essential to realize the difference between Western Medicine (WM) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) these two have been considered as two distinctive medicines. Their approaches to physiology and healing seem pretty different in perspective. Cure by western medicine first observes the facts of problem and uses the current biological theories…

Chinese Culture,


Western Culture

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Benefits and Harmful of Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine has many properties that can help people with various diseases arthritis, bacterial infection, blood pressure issues, burns, coughs and more. Also, traditional medicine is still recognized as a preferred primary health care system in Papua New Guinea. Traditional medicine is practicing theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures used to maintain health…



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Impact of Nanotechnology in Medicine

In today’s world the impact of nanotechnology in medicine offer some inspiring possibilities and bring some outstanding progress medicine like diagnosis, treatment and prevention from disease. To see the rapidly growing development the impact of nanotechnology in the medical applications will lead to the emergence of new field called nanomedicine. The nanomedicine is used to…



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Department of Family Medicine and Public Health

Introduction Medical practices have extremely developed since medical practices were first discovered. In the present time, treating a patient is much easier than the past because of the inventory of the medical equipment and medicines in the form of tablets or drinks. However, medicine is present since the old ages even when these developments were…


Public Health

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Nuclear Medicine: Types and Effects

Nuclear medicine is a specialty of medicine that is especially and primarily responsible for the diagnosis of patients. It provides essential and functional information, as well as the correct treatment of the various pathologies. It uses radioisotopes or radioactive isotopes, that is, nuclear radiation and other biophysical techniques so that the diagnosis is the most…



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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Introduction Complementary and alternative medicine is another medicine that complements mainstream medicine beyond mainstream medicine. Modern western medicine does not fully meet the needs of patients. Complementary and alternative medicine provides patients with more beneficial choices and opens a broader road to the paradise of rehabilitation. Background Complementary and alternative medicine covers a wide range…



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Herbal Medicine

The definition of the herb includes any plant that has stems and leaves different from a tree or a shrub, which die in winter, every year herbs grow after seeds are planted or dispersed in natural ways. So Herbal medicine is the study of medical plants uses, that herbal medicine can be sold as tablets,…



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Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine is also known as folk medicine. It includes the knowledge of traditional medicine that has been carried over many generations before modern medicine began. According to world health organization (Who.int, 2014), it said that “traditional medicine is a product of the olden people based from their culture”. The olden people used these medicines…



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Genomic Medicine and Personalized Care

Genetic variation is a key determinant that causes patients to respond differently to the same drug. On this account, generating a large genomic database to specifically interrogate the links between genetic sequence and drug response brings the promise to be effective in the discovery of new pathways of disease. This will allow researchers to uncover…



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Improving Quality Healthcare: Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Healthcare is ever-evolving, and it is of utmost importance for clinicians to put their best foot forward when providing care to patients. As advances in healthcare arise, the standards in which practices are held tend to grow, as well. Standards of care are continuously being analyzed and improved upon, to maintain the validity of a…




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