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My Cause of Hereditary Cancer 

Like everyone I have known numerous people that have been diagnosed with some sort of cancer or another. Some of those have fought it and defeated it, some are still fighting, and some have lost the fight. Recently I went to my doctor I am on hormone replacement and the risk for certain types of…




Human Body

Issue of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse are chemical or substance abuse that can cause poisoning, physical and psychological dependence on the body. Drug abuse is common in the modern society and it has affected everywhere in the world. Drug abuse affects all of us, wherever we live and whatever we do. Data from the United Nations Office on Drugs…

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Human Body

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer continue to be one of the leading causes of cancer death in women, but mortality rates have decreased steadily over the past decades. Breast cancer grows as a result of DNA disruption and genetic mutations which may be affected by estrogen use. Occasionally, Genetic mutations or pro-cancer genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2…

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Human Body

Effects of Exercises on Human Body

Musculoskeletal Response to Exercise The musculoskeletal response to exercise is that the muscle fibers during exercise will pull against one another and then result in the muscle fibres tearing. This mainly happens when you have worked the muscles to the stopping point. The muscle fibres will then grow back bigger and stronger than they were…


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The Best Gift Is Life

What is the most precious gift you can give to someone? An iphone, a diamond, a BMW or a life. A wise man once said, if you are not making someones life better, you are wasting your time because what you do for yourelf will die with you but what you do for others will…


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Cerebral Palsy, its Possible Causes and Characteristics

What is a physical disability? A physical disability can be classified as a physical condition that affects a person’s mobility, physical capacity, stamina or dexterity. The purposes of this assignment is to act as an introduction to Cerebral Palsy, its possible causes, characteristics, assistive technologies that are available to support both medically and physically for…


Human Body

What is a Disability?

A disability is a lifelong accident, disease, or emotional or physical disorder that continues to impair the way anyone may lead their lives. Disability greatly impacts the aspects of a individual’s life and can be present from conception or arise over the lifespan of an individual. Disabilities is a paragliding concept which includes impairments, limits…


Human Body

Impact of Molecular Biology on Human Life

The planet Earth we live in consists of various living organisms ranging from huge animals like whales, elephants to small micro-organisms like bacteria, virus. Every organism co-exist together and are interlinked to each other one way or the other. There are various branches of science which provides details on how animals behave, habits and other…


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Body Language as a Type of Nonverbal Communication

Good communication is the establishment of effective relationship, both individual and expert. In any case, we speak with substantially more that words. The greater part of the message we send other individuals are nonverbal. “Non-verbal communication incorporates our facial expression, gestures, eye to eye connection, stances and manner of speaking” . The capacity to comprehend…

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Nonverbal Communication

Japanese Beauty Secrets to stay Beautiful

In the beauty world, Japanese women have something to make us jealous. Known for their peach skin, their radiant complexion without imperfections, their silky hair they have very specific care rituals. In recent years, Asian cosmetics(BB and CC creams, lip inks, slime snail …) are on the rise. In this article, we share Japanese beauty secrets with you to stay beautiful and feel good….

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