WI-FI in My Life

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This summer, I had to move schools so I could have a better education. But the apartment I was living in was far away from the school I go to right now. So, we moved houses which was a LONG process. When I got to the apartment we moved to, it was empty except for a table because my dad was in the other apartment moving all the things. Me and my sister went to the apartment first. But my sister was going to go out to meet her friends. There was Wi-Fi, but I didn’t know the password, so I was basically left with nothing to do – even if I had devices.

Sometimes it’s nice to go on social media or play games or something. But when you lose Wi-Fi it can be frustrating. I’ve had that situation more than once and I didn’t like a single bit about it because I’m usually on my device talking, playing or doing homework. When your Wi-Fi does shut off, don’t panic. You need to be patient. Being patient can help you overcome a lot of things that bother you. For example: Having classes, waiting for food in a restaurant and so much more. Usually you sit, stand just waiting for something. You can turn this around by looking at the scenery you’re in, talking to the people around you. This brings the topic to the next paragraph.

You should think about the other stuff you have too. Even if you’re not in a restaurant, there are so many things to do. There are beautiful sceneries you can see outside the window. You can do your homework, read a book, or socialize with your siblings/parents. Afterall that’s better than not doing anything. The worst part about my situation was that I didn’t have anyone to socialize so it was worse. You should try to look around and see what’s around you sometimes. You can find so many things to do if you look around, and you should appreciate what you have around you already.Not having WI-FI can have benefits too.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi you can get off your screen which can save your eyesight from becoming bad, maybe instead of socializing with your friends on your phone you can go and see them instead of texting them on their phone. Most of the time when you text you can’t see how they are feeling about some stuff. But that’s where emojis come into play but what if they don’t use emojis in the first place? Sometimes you might actually need to shut off the Wi-Fi. For example: You have an app you want to open but an ad keeps on playing preventing any progression on getting to the actual content of the app. There are a lot of apps that play a lot of ads so turning off Wi-Fi can also sometimes be useful too.

In conclusion, it’s not the end of the world if you lose Wi-Fi. You will always have something to do even if your WI-FI goes down.


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