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Deciphering Deception: Unpacking Examples of Fake News for Students

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Digital media’s quick development has democratized access to information while also making it easier for false information, sometimes known as “fake news,” to propagate. For students who often utilize and distribute digital information, having a knowledge of this phenomena is crucial. This article tries to clarify the idea of false news by looking at many…

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Relationship Between Traditional Media and Facebook

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Social Media

Introduction This is the modern era mostly dependent on information. So, everyone wants to get information. Previously, people had gotten information from some formal media like newspaper, television etc. But, today it is social media explosion that has created the opportunity to share information at large while it was not thinkable before (MSRA, 2012). People…

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Media Effect on People

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The purpose of media is to provide programs and services that inform, educate, enlighten and enrich the public but, that does not mean that media is always helpful and good for people. As everything, media has positive and negative impact on people, it has a huge impact on our mental health. Sitting mindlessly and scrolling…

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The Role of Media in our Lives

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Nowadays, media becomes the witness of our lives. To know more about what things are going on around the world or to know about the culture or information of some countries, we rely on media a lot. Media provides a faster way to know things that we want to know, instead of finding the information…

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Media and Politics

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Introduction ‘Political socialization through media is certifiably not another wonder. Political specialists are now and again inspired by the media’s job in governmental issues. Media assumes a significant job in making political mindfulness among the general population and guarantees their cooperation in the majority rule process. It likewise assumes a huge job in getting changes…

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Media Effects on Society

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Commencing with media, according to the definition in the website of Quang Tri Electronic Science and Technology Library, media is the manipulation of the body’s capabilities, using the facilities available in nature or artificial tools to express as well as convey information and messages from oneself to others or from one place to another. In…

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Types of Australian Media

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Australia’s media scene is creatively, technologically and economically advanced, according to BBC News. Australia has a lot of the same types of media as the United States of America. Some of their media types are newspapers, television, radio and internet. They have two major companies for their newspapers which are Murdoch-owned News Corp Australia and…

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The Media and Its Impact on Sexual Self-Concept

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Self Concept

The media plays a great part in the viewpoints of individuals involving sex. The media plays an especially major role in Americans sexual self-concept. As an individual, the media has played a major role in my personal views about sex. From the time, most people can remember some form of media has always been there,…

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What benefits and challenges do the digital media age provide to the democratic process

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Democracy in America



Democracy Democracy is larger part rule government which is a course of action of dealing with conflicts in which results depend upon what individuals do, yet no single power controls what occurs and its outcomes. ‘Standard of the larger part’ is here and there alluded to as majority rules system. Popular government is a Greek…

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The Importance of Dreams in A Raisin in the Sun, a Play by Lorraine Hansberry

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One major theme of the play, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, is the importance of dreams; they drive each member of the Younger family. Mama longs to have her own home in a nice part of town, away from South Chicago. Beneatha dreams of getting a good education, becoming a doctor, and…

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