One More Order Business Plan

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Executive Summary

In October 2018, Zhen Qin recognized the “One More Order” Chinese Restaurant. Zhen Qin recognized the Chinese restaurant in 9th Ave, Brooklyn. “I called the restaurant “One More Order” because I want the customer order again and again, more and more.”

Zhen Qin has set up a “One More Order” Chinese Restaurant, which is a business venture. Zhen Qin is looking for a 3,400 square feet space located at 2345 9th Ave, it located in Brooklyn, New York. The site was previously as a restaurant, the previous tenant removed the mainstream of the stuff, fittings and apparatus which will need to be replaced. The location will also require some additional makeover update the commodes and increase table space in the dining area.

The guarantee for the loan includes the assets owned by Zhen Qin. For the loan, the financial guarantee is a Zhen Qin house in 9th Ave worth 170,000 and the car is his owns. The total guarantee value is 240,000. Zhen Qin will also use his personal credit as security.

Zhen Qin has a lot of experience as the chief manager of “One More Order” Restaurants. He has worked in some restaurants for many years before, He has worked as a secondary manager, a chef, a director. He knows everything about a restaurant and he also manages it well. He allots different errands to different people. It has greatly improved the efficacy and expansion of the restaurant. This will bring a lot of welfares and chances to the restaurant.

Description of the Business

The “One More Order” Restaurant opened in October. 2018, and Zhen Qin recognized the restaurant at Brooklyn in November, 2018. The restaurant is main manager, Zhen Qin capitalized 70,000 to support the operation of the restaurant.

The “One More Order” restaurant mainly provides the type of food is Chinese dishes. Usually, the choice of meat dishes are pork, chicken, beef, and seafood. Take from the supplier thrice a week to ensure that the food is unconditionally fresh. Let customers enjoy the most delicious and fresh food.

The restaurant is located at 2345 9th Ave. Brooklyn, NY. It’s located near the intersection. It’s usually a very busy place to commute. There set up large billboards in top of the store to attract customers to enjoy. There are also many stores and malls nearby. This location is for restaurants because it is very promising to do. So Zhen Qin chose this location to open “One More Order” Restaurant.

The restaurant uses 2,300 square feet standalone building. The kitchen consists of 1,300 square feet of various cooking machines. Then the remaining 1,000 square feet to used for setting tables and chairs for customers. The appearance to the restaurant is roomy with unique restaurant image character.

The restaurant will be open 6 days a week with hours as follow: Monday to Thursday 11am-11pm. Friday to Saturday 11am-12pm. Sunday close.

Zhen Qin will be the general manager of the restaurant. On the other hand, he invests most of the money in the restaurant, and in other way, he has worked in the restaurant for several years. Because he has worked other restaurant difference career for many years establish foundation, which is very helpful for him to manage the restaurant, assign staff work, monitor the freshness of food, and so on. It is also very valuable to the expansion of restaurants.

Products and Services Offered

One More Order will be open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner requiring multiple shifts. Zhen Qin will write the schedules. The timeline of schedules will be written in a manner that will allow the ability to increase or decrease hourly labor rendering to sales volume in order to preserve a reliable labor cost control.

Correct category and revolution methods, attended by plenty storing amenities will confirm that high quality equipped product will be adequately obtainable to meet the strains during peak business hours. Replacement and continuing groundwork will continue during off peak business hours.

Zhen Qin will be accountable for organization, getting and preserving adequate record to meet manufacture stresses. Organization schedules will be stunned with unpreserved products being ordered manifold time per week to reservation freshness. Normal grocery and source orders will be methodical less often, according to a prearranged schedule and storage capacity.

Zhen Qin also will trust on working lists to confirm that each work shift has been correctly ready for and to protect the working values are followed before, during and after work shifts. The restaurant layout has been intended for competence and suppleness to accommodate the variation in customer traffic and peak meal periods.

The retreatant can ensure the freshness and excellence of all the food in the restaurant because dealers thrice week to buy the fresh and safe elements for our customers to eat.

Our staff will do their greatest to serve for all the needs of our customers, and we entail them to be as content as imaginable. We believe that the greatest service and the most delightful fresh food can entire more customers. We believe our restaurant it will be the best and most successful restaurant. This is the goal of our restaurant.

Market Analysis

The restaurant industry is a large and diverse business, every year the restaurant industry sales are increase. In 2010, the sales at limited service restaurant increased to $14.8 billion. The sales at full service restaurants reached $184.2 billion. The overall economic impact of the restaurant industry is expected to exceed $1.7 trillion in 2011. So, the restaurant’s income is very large, but the business completion between restaurants is also very intense.

For restaurant to attract more guests, Zhen Qin also create the online menu on the website. In this online community is growing rapid’s era, create won online presence will have a lot of favor. A counting of the restaurant industry reveals, that the market has become much more vehemently competitive over the last decade. To service in this industry, Zhen Qin have to be more creative, for customer centric and proactive. And Zhen Qin is already prepared to compete favorably with other, the New Hong Kung Chinese restaurant.

New Hong Kung Chinese restaurant is One More Order’s main opponents, because their main dishes are most similar to One More Order’s. Both restaurants major seller are general’s chicken, this dish accounts more than 35 percent of each restaurant’s total income, is very popular for customers. Their restaurant to make around 25,000 a month, which is a substantial income for the average restaurant and is a bigger threat to One More Order Chinese restaurant.

According to this situation, Zhen Qin strict their staff be good treatment of the guests, patiently and carefully fulfill the requirements of the guests. Ensure that they have wide varieties of Chinese menu available at all times. Excellent customer service culture, online store, and wide varieties order will serve as a competitive advantage for us.

Marketing Plan

The market antagonism in the cosine commerce is very ferocious, how can restaurants stand out in the market antagonism is a key problem, and how to solve this problem? Of course, it’s an original publicity campaign for “One More Order” Chinese restaurant. We’ve advanced several different marketing strategies.

The “One More Order” Chinese Restaurant plans to start with signing employees to send fliers on the main streets close the restaurant. The fliers focus on restaurant’s food contributions and some special offers to entire customers to come and spend. We performance this campaign for $450 a month, but only to promote the restaurant.

Usually, our restaurant feel that these flyer are very important, but we have to collaborate with the freshly of food and the excellence of service to entice customers, so as to hold customer devotion. We think better promotional will increase the admiration of restaurants, good food and service will better operating restaurants, let us make a lot of proceeds for restaurants.

Also, our customers will enjoy our standard menu fare, a special time menu and along with seasonal menu, so that we can better advantage of cost savings and stay current with some of the food industry trends.

The Management Team

General Manager: Zhen Qin, The “ One More Order” general manager of the restaurant, Zhen Qin operates everything in the restaurant, including purchasing ingredients, employing and exercise operate, and safety administration element. Zhen Qin was graduated from the program of Business at ASA College. After graduation form College, he worked in restaurants for many years and collected a prosperity of restaurant’s experience. He has worked in numerous locations in restaurants, which is a good exercise occasion for him. Now he works in restaurants and approximation his income by $35,000 per year.

Deputy Manager: Hai Chen, The deputy manager in “One More Order’, his main job is to help Zhen Qin manage restaurants. Sometimes he is accountable for the inexpensive of economic incidentals and more time to interconnect with contractors. He also graduated from ASA College. He is Zhen Qin’s classmate and good friend. They are all business manager majors. He worked in a bank for three years after graduation, after that he worked in a government office for two years, he was presented to the restaurant by Zhen Qin. Now he estimation his job at an annual income of $22,000.

Personnel: “One More Order’ Chinese restaurants are looking for five full-time staff. Recruiters are obligatory to be 22 years old and have general experience. Also want to hire chefs. We want them to have least years of cooking experience. Our restaurant will pay them $20 an hour.

Financial Information


  • Owner fund $46000
  • Organization loan $44000
  • Total $90000

Use of Funds

  • Office Supplies $2500
  • Buy Equipment $27000
  • Electric Deposit $1700
  • Security System $4000
  • Water Deposit $1200
  • Rent Deposit $4700
  • Inventory $11000
  • Miscellaneous Outlay $1300
  • Legal Fund $1600
  • Telephone Deposit $800
  • Pay Salary $1900

Application Spend

  • Office Supplies $2500
  • Buy Equipment $27000
  • Electric Deposit $1700
  • Security System $4000
  • Water Deposit $1200
  • Rent Deposit $4700
  • Inventory $11000
  • Miscellaneous Outlay $1300
  • Legal Fund $1600
  • Telephone Fund $800
  • Pay Salary $1900

Start Up Costs Assumptions

  • Equipment – Cost all the kitchen, dining room and fixtures. Like cooking utensils, refrigerators, heater and air condition.
  • Office supplies – Tables, chairs, computer, light and other office needs.
  • Miscellaneous supplies – Kitchen cleaning and office supplies (soap, disinfectant, computer paper, forms, postage, etc. that needs.
  • Security Systems – Surveillance camera, anti-theft system, alarm.
  • Insurance – Includes all restaurant, owner, and employee’s compensation.
  • Licensing – Trade name with state and sales tax permit.
  • Legal fund – Legitimate rights, interests and protect the profits of restaurant.
  • Inventory – Purchases missing goods each end of month, may sure have enough ingredients for use.


One More Order Chinese Restaurant Information

One More Order Chinese Restaurant is built by Zhen Qin in December 21, 2018. The Restaurant is introduction from China, it has long history. Our restaurant has long history in China, we serve the best Chinese food in the Brooklyn area. One More Order specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine. Our restaurant always array delicious lunch and dinner menus that are sure to satisfy and appetite. For quality and delicious food, exceptional price and superb dining atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch, a relaxing dinner and even an appetizer, our courteous staff will make your memorable.

Lease Agreement

This lease agreement is made and entered into on December 21, 2018, by Zhen Qin, who’s built the restaurant address in 2345 9th Ave, Brooklyn. Zhen Qin in consideration of the rents be aid paid and the covenants let agreements to be performed and observed by Hai Chen.

During the extended term time, Hai Chen should pay rent of $14,500 per annual, $12,084 be pay by every month, in lieu of the rent contained in the original lease.

If resident should move from the premises prior to the expiration of this time period, he shall be liable for all rent due until such time that the Residence is occupied by an OWNER approved paying RESIDENT and/or expiration of said time period, whichever is shorter.

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